Bookish Q&A

For todays post I went to my Instagram and asked my followers to ask me bookish questions that they would like me to answer and I got some pretty good questions so lets get right into it.

    1. What do you think of people giving negative and DNF reviews? (@book.nerd.fangirl)

I think for DNF (Did Not Finish) reviews as long as you gave the book a fair shot it’s ok to not finish it if your not really feeling it. I feel like you should read several chapters before adding it to you DNF pile. For me personally I have known books to not get good until a pretty good ways into it. As for flat out negative reviews I am kind of neutral. By neutral I mean if your giving constructive criticism that is perfectly fine but if your flat out bashing  a book I personally don’t think that is right. The author spent a lot of his/her time on writing the book and I feel like there is always something nice that can be said about a book even if it wasn’t the greatest.

  2. What new releases are you looking forward to? (@akahayla)

Being a Harry Potter fan myself I am really looking forward to getting my hands on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Back in June I read An Ember in the Ashes so I am really excited to be able to continue on with that story in A Torch Against the Night. I am also looking forward to finishing The 5th Wave series. I read the first two books back to back and I have been dying to read The Last Star. Luck for me my local library finally got it in so I will be getting it in the next week or so.

3. Would you rather have hardcover or paperback? Why? (@boooksiread)

I honestly don’t care either way. I usually just get what my local bookstore has. By book store I mean places like Walmart because I live in a small town and we don’t really have actual bookstores. I am pretty sure I own more paperback books than hardcovers but if I had to choose I would probably say hardcover because they look so much nicer on my bookshelf.

4. Would you rather read on the beach or in your bed? (@boooksiread)

I have never actually read on the beach before but I think it would be really pretty an kind of relaxing however I am easily distracted so I am not sure I would be able to focus on the book. When I am at home I usually put my headphones in and listen to ocean sounds on YouTube and that helps me block out all the noise around me. I think I could read on the beach so basically both so long as I had my headphones.

5. What is your favorite book cover and favorite book? (@boooksiread)

I think my favorite cover at the moment is The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson because it has dogs on the cover which I love I have four dogs of my own and it screams summer to me. That will probably change in the next week or so but as of right now I would have to go with that. As for my favorite book I cant just pick one. I sat for the longest time trying to narrow it down to one book and I just couldn’t do it. Because I couldn’t just pick one I am going to go with any book by Nicholas Sparks. I have read several books of his and I have loved every single one of them and also he just happens to be one of my favorite authors.

6. What’s more important to you in a book the plot or the characters?  (@dorrit_o)

I honestly think you need equal amounts of plot development and character development. If you have to much plot development then the characters just fall short and you don’t really feel a connection with them which I think is important. The same for if you have to much character development except if you have to much character development then the whole story falls short and doesn’t really have much of a point to me.

7. What’s the one thing if it’s in a book you will definitely read it and vice versa? (@dorrit_o)

This is a really good question and it’s one I am afraid I’m not going to have a very satisfying answer to. I have never really thought about this before. I pretty much read anything that sounds good to me. I will say the one thing I don’t really care to read about it cheating. I have read books about cheating before some of them I wasn’t able to finish an some of them I actually liked. I think it really has to do with how it’s written.

8. What was the first book you read? (@byjeess)

I unfortunately can’t remember the first book I ever read. I do however remember that the Twilight series is what got me back into reading. I remember watching Twilight and as soon as I finished the movie I went out and bought every single book and read all 4 of them in a week.


I just want to thank every one for the questions some of them I really had to think about for a while.  I hope yall enjoy my answers. I listed the individuals instagram names beside the questions that they asked and if you haven’t already you should go check on their account. If you have any questions or you want me to elaborate on something a little more feel free to leave a comment down below and I will do my best to answer them.


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