My Favorite Author Is…

In my blog post 25 Bookish facts about me I mentioned that my favorite author is Nicholas Sparks. So today I thought I would just talk about all the reasons I am a huge fan of him and his books.

  • I love Romance. Every book of his that I have read has romance in it sometimes it ends with a little heartbreak but I am a sucker for it.
  •  I also love reading stories about real life issues. Whether it was something I have dealt with in my life or not his stories are always so much more relatable to me.
  • His books always make for good movie adaptations.
  • He is the only author that when he is coming out with a new book I instantly want it even though I have no idea what it’s about.
  • He is really good at telling a story and drawing you in. There has been many instances where I have stayed up way to late because I couldn’t put the book down. I was so into it that I had to know what was going to happen next.
  • He makes you feel what the characters are feeling you literally feel like you are part of the story.


I know this is a pretty short post but I am having a really hard time putting into words why Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author. Honestly it is everything I have mentioned and so much more. I just think he is an amazing author and I love everything about his books. I would love to know who your favorite author is and if you have read any books by Nicholas Sparks. Please leave a comment down below.

9 thoughts on “My Favorite Author Is…

    1. I have never pre ordered a book usually because until recently I have never really paid much attention to book releases before. I really just want to get every book he has ever written. So far I have 8 of his books in my collection.

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