September TBR


Every month I make a TBR list and most of the time I can get through the ones I picked and maybe even a few more. Well in August I didn’t stick to my list so I have added those books to this months list and also a few others.

So who’s ready to find out what I plan on reading this month?



Lets start with the book I am currently reading. I started this book on the 24th of August and I am still reading it. Normally it doesn’t take me this long to get through a book but I am having a very hard time getting through it. Not because it is bad but because it is slow going. More of my thoughts in a review to come.



These next five books were on my August TBR. I started Pride and Prejudice but I didn’t get very far because I was having a hard time with that so I decided to give it another shot this month. The first four books were in my library haul for last month and I still haven’t gotten to them. I can only renew them one more time before I have to take them back so I really need to get to them before that time comes.



Yes have two Jane Austen books on my TBR for this month. I joined the Austentatious book club on goodreads last month. Last months book was Pride and Prejudice and this months book is Persuasion. I am hoping I can get through the both of them this month.





Last but not least is Initiate. I cant wait to start this book. I have already heard so much about this book and it has all been good. I am hoping to start this one as soon as I can finish my current read.





Well that is all the books I am planning to read this month and I am really going to be trying hard to stick to it that way I can get to those library books. Have you read any of these books yet? If so did you like them? Also what are you planning on reading this month?


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