Monthly Wrap Up

#Slowathon Wrap up


Pride and Prejudice

This past week I participated in the slowathon readathon. Basically the premise for this readathon was to read slower and really pay attention to what you were reading. For this readathon I choose to continue on with Pride and Prejudice. I started it in August and because I was having such a hard time reading it I never finished it. One of the prompts for this readathon was to read a book that intimidates you. I would say this book fits perfectly for me. The language is so hard to get used to and you really have to pay attention to what your reading to understand what is going on. I still didn’t finish the book but I did manage to read 11 chapters of it. Every night I would sit down before bed and read anywhere from two to four chapters. I found that reading a little bit of it at a time really helped me to be able to understand and keep up with what was going on. Marlin from @marlinelina on YouTube is the creator of this readathon and you should definitely go check out her channel. Along with reading the book she included 8 prompts that you could do as well but you didn’t have to do them.

The Prompts

  1. Read a book and mark it up.
  2. Create something inspired by the book.
  3. Do a buddy read.
  4. Read a book out loud.
  5. Read a book that intimidates you.
  6. Reread a book and compare your experience.
  7. Read a book and review it.
  8. Read a book and then read secondary literature on it.

So as I have already mentioned I choose a book that intimidates me and I was planning on doing a couple of the other prompts but seeing as I have yet to finish the book I have to hold off on those. I do plan on posting a review as soon as I finish reading the book and also I plan on doing prompt number 8. Instead of reading secondary literature on it though I am planning on watching The Lizzie Bennett Diaries on YouTube. Also I didn’t mark my book up but I did write notes about it. Like I have mentioned in previous posts I am part of the Austentatious book club on Goodreads that Zoe Herdt from @readbyzoe on YouTube created. The book is broken up into chunks where you can talk about certain chapters with other people who have joined as well.

I am so glad I came across this readathon on YouTube because I feel like changing the way I was trying to read this particular book actually really helped me in reading it and understanding it. I still have a lot left to read and I plan on continuing to read it a few chapters at a time and just taking my time with it. Have any of you read Pride and Prejudice before? If you have did you have a difficult time reading it or is that just me? I think I have had such a difficult time because this is my first time reading a classic novel. Anyways I hope you are all having a great start to the week and I will be back with another post on Wednesday.

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