Get To Know Me Tag

A while back I saw Aimee from @lovelybookloves do this tag on her blog and I thought it was a perfect tag for me to do seeing as how I am still pretty new to the blogger world. I know it’s not really book related but it is just another way to get to know a little more about me.

So here we go…

Vital Stats

  1. Name: Misty
  2. Nicknames: My uncle calls me backup. I got that nickname when I was a kid and the story behind it is one day when we were at his house he was singing along to a song and I started singing with him hence the name backup. I also got called spider monkey and clyde bucket. I honestly have no clue how that last one got started.
  3. Birthday: December 2
  4. Star Sign: Sagittarius
  5. Occupation: Stay at home wife


  1. Hair Color: Reddish Brown
  2. Hair Length: A little past my shoulders
  3. Eye Color: Hazel
  4. Best Feature: Umm IDK maybe my eyes
  5. Piercings: I have had my belly button pierced two times but it kept getting infected so I had to take it out. Also I have had my ears pierced 4 times but I don’t really wear earrings much anymore.
  6. Tattoos: I have 4. One on each shoulder one on my back and one on my left wrist plus I really want to get more.
  7. Right or Left: I am right handed


  1. Best Friend: I was 5 years old and we had just moved to a new neighborhood. I was outside on our swing set when our next door neighbor came over to swing with me her name was Ashley. Unfortunately she moved before we started high school so we haven’t been able to keep in touch very much. We did find each other on Facebook though.
  2. Award: I don’t remember what the award was for but I remember I was in Elementary school when I got my first award.
  3. Sport: I never played sports.
  4. Real Holiday: If by Holiday it mean vacation every summer me and my sister would go to Florida to spend time with our dad that probably don’t really count as a vacation though so the next thing I remember is when me, my mom and step dad, my sister, and my grandparents spent an entire summer driving to different states to end up in New York. We stopped at camp grounds in different states and spent a few days and then we would move forward.


  1. Film: I have so many it’s hard to narrow it down. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and The Beast I also really love Dirty Dancing. I think I am going to just end it at those two movies because I could go on and on.
  2. TV Show: Once again I have so many but I think I will go with NCIS and Bones
  3. Color: Pink and Black
  4. Song: It changes every day but right now I would have to say it is Yes Girl by Bea Miller and Peter Pan by Kelsie Ballerini
  5. Shop: Bath and Body Works
  6. Restaurant: I love authentic Mexican food so any Mexican restaurant is my favorite
  7. Books: I can’t pick my all time favorite book but I can say my all time favorite author is Nicholas Sparks.


  1. Feeling: Hungry
  2. Single/Taken: Happily Taken
  3. Eating: Nothing at the moment that’s why I am hungry lol
  4. Watching: Nothing since I am currently trying to write up this blog post but my husband I watching Gotham so that is going in the background.
  5. Thinking About: Coming up with answers for all of these questions and when I am going to be able to eat.
  6. Wearing: Clothes 🙂 Camo pants and a black tank top


  1. Want Children: Absolutely the sooner the better
  2. Want to be married: I am currently married and have been for a little over 5 years.
  3. Careers in mind: All I have ever wanted to be is a stay at home mom.
  4. Where you want to live: Honestly I don’t really care where I live so long as I have my husband with me.

Do You Believe In

  1. God: Yes
  2. Miracles: Yes
  3. Love at first sight: Yes when I first met my husband it was love at first sight for me
  4. Ghosts: Maybe
  5. Soul Mates: Yes
  6. Heaven: Yes
  7. Hell: Yes
  8. Yourself: Yes

That took me a lot longer than I thought it was going to. Like I said before I know it’s not really book related but I thought it was a good way for yall to get to know a little bit more about me. If you are reading this and you haven’t already done this tag I tag you to do it. Halfway through the week already and I cant wait for the weekend to get here. I will see yall Friday with another post.



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