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September Book Haul

This month I got a lot of ebooks (15 to be exact). Like last month I found several that were free, I bought a few, and I received one from the publisher. Also I have to mention that the pictures that I am using are screen shots from my phone and a couple from google images. I hate that I have to take the pictures this way but when I opened my tablet to pull up the books for my photos it went out on me and I can’t get it to work anymore 😦 So unfortunately for a while if I am posting anything that involves an ebook this will be the only way I can post pictures. Anyways on to all the books I got.

Free Kindle Books


Books I bought


Books I received


So there are all the books that I got in the month of September. I have only managed to read one of the 15 so far and I have a review up for it if you’re interested. The book I read and cant rave enough about is Initiate by Laura L Fox. It will be available November 15th and is currently available for preorder on Amazon. Click the link below for my full review.


2 thoughts on “September Book Haul

  1. Oooh! Bluegrass State of Mind! I have that book, but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. I wanted to start that series because it’s set in Kentucky and I am from and live in Kentucky! I hope it’s good. And I hope you enjoy it, too! Nice haul!!


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