Review: Immortal Slumber



Title: Immortal Slumber

Author: S.L. Perrine

Published: June 21st 2016 

My Rating: 5 Stars



Goodreads Synopsis

Elyse Crawford finds out the truth of who she is on her 18th birthday, the truth about her birth parents, and the truth about her friends. Will she be able to come to terms with being a High Priestess, the real circumstances around her parent’s disappearance, and the fact that there are witches that want her dead?       

My Review

I received this book for free from the author through booktasters on twitter in exchange for an honest review. I picked this book because the synopsis made it sound like it was going to be really good and also because I thought it was fitting for the month. You know with it being Halloween and all. Also I really love reading about witches. This book was fast paced and full of action. The tension and drama between the love interests just added so much more to the story. I loved the friendship/family bond and how they were always looking out for one another but I am a little worried about how things are going to pan out. Really the only issue I had with this entire book which really isn’t that big of a deal was the fact that Elyse didn’t question being a witch and entering into the coven at all. She just went with it. If it was me I would have been a little bit more skeptical than she was. However that being said it didn’t take away from the overall story for me. I can’t wait to continue on with this series.               

I want to end this post by telling y’all I am really sorry for missing my last two posts. The last couple weeks of this month are really hard for me but I am trying really hard to stick to my schedule and to get out of this funk but sometimes that is easier said than done depending on what you’re going through at the time. I want to thank all of y’all for sticking with me even though I kind of disappeared for a week. I will be back Friday with a book tour for you guys. I hope your week is going good so far.

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!   

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