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The Kiss Marry or Cliff Book Tag

Hello bookworms!! Last week I was tagged by Hiba @fictionalwritingsandi to do the kiss, marry, or cliff book tag. When I was reading her post I was hoping she would tag me because it seemed like a fun tag to do.

The Rules Of This Tag Are:

  1. Put names of Characters (whatever sex you’re attracted to) written in pieces of separate papers in an empty jar or a pen holder.
  2. Shake the jar
  3. Pull out 3 pieces of paper in each round and tell us which character you would Kiss, Marry, or Cliff!

I chose names from some of the books that I have read this year and I ended up with 21 names so there will seven rounds.

Round 1

  • Jem Carstairs from TID series
  • Minho from The Maze Runner
  • Jason from The Truth About Forever

I would Kiss Jason, Marry Jem, and Cliff Minho.

Round 2

  • Magnus Bane from TID series
  • Evan Walker from The 5th Wave
  • Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter

I would Marry Evan Walker, Kiss Draco, and Cliff Magnus.

Round 3

  • Gale Hawthorn from The Hunger Games
  • Ben Parish from The 5th Wave
  • Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games

This one is a little bit difficult for me because I picked two great characters and also all I can do is picture the actors who played those characters but it I have to choose I think I would marry Gale Hawthorn, kiss Finnick Odair,and Cliff Ben Parish.

Round 4

  • Travis Parker from The Choice
  • Wes from The Truth About Forever
  • Ron Weasley from Harry Potter

Once again this one was a little difficult for me but I think I would marry Travis Parker, kiss Wes, and cliff Ron Weasley.

Round 5

  • Newt from The Maze Runner
  • Jeremiah from The Summer I Turned Pretty
  • Christian Grey From Fifty Shades of Grey

I think this one is the hardest so far!! I would marry Newt, Kiss Christian Grey, and cliff Jeremiah.

Round 6

  • Conrad from The Summer I Turned Pretty
  • Thomas from The Maze Runner
  • Peeta Mellark from The Hunger Games

Nope I take that back I think this one is the hardest lol!! This is another one that I can’t help but picture the actors who portrayed these characters.  I would for sure marry Thomas because I mean Dylan O’Brien lol, I would kiss Conrad, and cliff Peeta Mellark. Poor Peeta!!

Round 7

  • Adam from If I Stay
  • Will Herondale from TID series
  • Harry Potter from Harry Potter

Last but not least I would marry Will Herondale, kiss Adam, and I guess that means I would have to cliff Harry Potter even though I really don’t want to.

This was a fun tag to do and it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be lol. I tag anyone who wants to do this tag but especially

Irena @booksandhottea

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