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Hello bookworms!! So last Friday Dana from TheBookHoarder on YouTube posted a Friday Reads video where basically you just talk about the books you plan on reading over the weekend. I am not 100% sure who actually came up with this I thought maybe Dana did but she said she thought another YouTuber created it but that YouTuber said she got the idea from twitter. So basically what I was trying to say with that whole explanation is that I don’t know who to give credit to for this meme. If you know who actually came up with it please let me know in the comments below?

I thought this would be a great meme to do every Friday or every other Friday to just update y’all on what I am currently reading. So without further ado lets get into the two books I am hoping to read over the weekend.

First up I am wanting to finish SEAL It With a Kiss by Rogenna Brewer. I started this last weekend and I only got like 27% through the book and then I just stopped reading. I didn’t stop reading because the book was bad or anything I just haven’t been in the mood to read for some reason.

 img_3901       Goodreads Synopsis

To become the first female SEAL, she’ll have to match wits with the best…

Lieutenant Tabitha Chapel is determined to join the Teams. She’s not about to let a little thing like gender get in her way. She’ll use every wile—feminine or otherwise—and her considerable strength of will to win this battle of the sexes. But the limits of her determination are tested by the only Navy SEAL capable of commanding her heart.

Commander Marc Miller is equally determined to keep her out of the program. As the newly appointed CO of BUD/S, he’s been tasked with cleaning up SEAL training. He doesn’t need a red-hot redhead compounding the problem. For him Hell Week begins the moment one well-connected junior officer waltzes through his door and gets inside his head.

The last thing he wants is to be her commanding officer when the only thing he wants is her. The only way to have her—and the surest way to lose her—is to see that she fails.

Will love conquer all or tear them apart?

If I ever finish that book I am wanting to start Vampire Addiction by Eva Pohler. I am a member of the authors Facbook page and I told her last weekend that as soon as I finished the book that I was currently reading(SEAL It With a Kiss) I would start her book. Needless to say I haven’t finished that book yet.

 img_3902     Goodreads Synopsis

Seventeen-year-old Gertrude Morgan, the only child of one of the wealthiest couples in America, is shipped away from her home in New York City to the American school in Athens against her will. Her parents just want to get rid of her, and she knows it. Although she has no friends (her private schoolmates all seem fake), she sees no point in making any new ones on her trip, since she’ll only be visiting for one school year. Despite her efforts to remain aloof and in the world of her books, she falls in love with her boisterous and affectionate host family, as they do her.

But the city of Athens has secrets.

Her host family calls them “tramps.” In Greek, they are called vrykolakas, or “vryks,” which sometimes gets translated to “freaks.” They are the vampires of Athens, created centuries ago by the Maenads. They live in caves beneath the acropolis without economic resources and according to rules imposed on them by the Olympians. First and foremost, they are forbidden from turning humans into vampires. The human will not turn unless all of the blood is drained, so a vampire is allowed to drink up to one pint per month from a willing mortal. Some mortals are willing because a vampire bite will infect the body for six hours, and during that time, the mortal has the powers of the vampire: flight, invisibility, strength, speed, x-ray vision, and mind control. Such great power can become irresistible, though dangerous and addicting to mortals…

As Gertie uncovers the unfathomable secrets of this ancient city, she is drawn to the beauty and deep thoughts of a boy she first met on the bus into Athens–Jeno. Her host family and another boy she later learns is a demigod warn her to stay away from him, but her curiosity gets the best of her and she unwittingly becomes a catalyst in an uprising led by Dionysus, the god of wine and lord of the vampires.

Would y’all be interested in a Friday Reads post every week or every other week? What are y’all planning on reading over the weekend? Have y’all read or are y’all interested in reading either of the books I mentioned above?

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  1. That’s a nice post idea! I read more during the week than on weekends but I can see how it can be interesting for people who read mostly during those two precious days off! Happy reading 🙂

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