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Hello bookworms!! Surprise surprise I will be doing another tag today. This tag was created by Sarah @ alittlereadersblog and I was tagged by paytonsbookthoughts. Thank you to both of these bloggers for one creating the tag and two for tagging me to do it. When I was initially tagged to do this I wasn’t sure if I was going to or not because I have a hard time setting goals for myself and actually sticking to them but maybe if I post my goals on my blog it will hold me accountable.

Image is from Sarah @ alittlereadersblog


So, this is how the tag will work:

  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Write your goals for next year
  • Write how you’re going to achieve your goals
  • Tag at least 5 of your blogger friends to share their goals
  • Then if you wish in 365 days write a post for everyone to see if you have been successful or not!

So lets get right into the goals I want to set for myself for next year!!

  1. Goodreads Reading Challenge: This year I set a goal for 50 and I have passed that already and there is still one month left in the year. I can’t decide if I want to shoot for 75 or 100 books for next year but I do know that I want to at least be on schedule or ahead of schedule for the amount of books read. I plan to reach this goal by reading several books a month and logging them on my goodreads account so they count toward my goal.
  2. Beat the backlist: This is a challenge that will be taking place all throughout 2017 where you basically read books that have been on your TBR for a while. I recently went through all the books/ebooks that I currently own and wrote them down(blog post to come). I ended up having way more than I thought. I think it was really close to 100 books. So my goal for this challenge is to have read at least half of these if not more. I plan to reach this goal by sticking to a TBR each month and making sure I include several books from this list on my monthly TBR.
  3. Savings: I want to start trying to build up our savings account again. I am not going to set a certain amount I just want to try to put money into savings whenever I can. I plan to reach this goal by every month after all the bills are paid I will try to put whatever I can spare into my savings account but I am not going to stress over it.

I will doing blog posts on the beat the backlist challenge with everything you need to know about if you are interested in participating within the next week. I was going to try to come up with 5 goals but I think I am going to just stick with 3 goal since I have a hard time sticking to them. Maybe I want give up on them if I don’t set so many goals.

Now on to the Nominations:






If I tagged someone who has already done this tag or who doesn’t want to do it I am sorry.


13 thoughts on “This Time Next Year Tag

  1. Nice tag! Like you, I intend on increasing my Goodreads challenge. I did it for the first time this year and set the goal to 30 to avoid any pressure and because I had just gotten back to reading after a long pause. I’m doing the Beat the Backlist challenge too! I have acquired so many books these last few months that I need a little extra motivation to deal with my towering TBR. Good luck with your goals!

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    1. I did the Goodreads challenge last year I set my goal for 12 and only read 5. When I initially set my goal for this year I started with 12 again but when I realized I was going to pass that I upped it to 50. I have acquired a lot of ebooks this year because I have a problem with getting every book that is free lol. Plus I have some physical books. I tend to get all these books because they sound like something I would like reading and then I just put them off and never read them. Thank you and good luck to you with the challenge as well.

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