2017 Reading/Blogging Goals

Hello bookworms!!

Today is the first day of 2017 and I am excited for what’s to come whatever that might be. I originally wasn’t going to do this post but I thought I would more likely stick to these goals if I wrote them down. So aside from writing them here I am also writing them in my journal so hopefully that will hold me accountable.

Here’s my reading goals

  • Read 60 books: Last year for the Goodreads reading challenge I set my goal for 50 books and I ended up reading 61 books. I thought about what I wanted my goal to be for days. I went from wanting to read 75-100 books then wanting to stick with 50. I thought 60 would be a good number to shoot for since that’s what I made it to last year.
  • Read classics: In 2016 I ventured into reading classic novels. In all honesty it wasn’t the best for me but I want to continue on with that in the new year.
  • Re-Reads: As you all know by now I am participating in the ReReadIt Challenge that Ashley @ Inside My Minds created. The goal is to re-read one book a month with a total of 12 books being read by the end of the year.
  • Read-a-thon: Toward the end of 2016 I started participating in a few read-a-thons and I loved it. I want to participate in more read-a-thons this year. I am still new to this so I don’t want to pick any specifics for this I just want to do it as they come along.

Here’s my blogging goals

  • Scheduling: When I started my blog in July I had no clue what I was doing and honestly I still don’t 100% know what I am doing. I am learning as I go. In the past six months I have just been posting whenever I wanted to but this year I want to figure out a schedule and stick to it.
  • Posting: My goal is to post 3 times a week at the least of course if I feel like doing more I can but I really don’t want to do less than 3 posts in a week s that will end up being about 12 posts a month.
  • Reviews: My goal for 2017 is to review all of the books that I end up eating but lets be honest that probably want happen so I will be happy If I can review at least half of what I read.
  • Interacting with my follower: I am one of those people who will read everyone’s posts and then like them but 9 times out of 10 I don’t comment not because I don’t want to but because I don’t know what to say. I didn’t just wan to say nice post or anything along those lines because I didn’t think it would be very appreciated. This year I really want to work on interacting more and growing my blog.

    So here is a list of all my goals for 2017 at least for reading/blogging and I am sure I will think of more as the days go on but for right now this is what comes to mind. What are your goals for 2017? Are we striving for the same thing?


10 thoughts on “2017 Reading/Blogging Goals

  1. That is a great post. I kept changing my mind about my Goodreads reading challenge this year too – part of me felt I should try and read more each year 😊 But I think with all the others goals it makes sense not to over stretch yourself on one. Good luck with them!


  2. Good luck with your goals 🙂 I also want to resume scheduling more, especially because the new university semester is starting soon and I will have less time to write during the week. I also want to review every book I read in 2017 but I’m not sure it’s gonna happen!

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