Review: The Invitation by Roxy Sloane

Hello bookworms!!

Today I have a book review for you I was going through the reviews I have posted on my blog and realized that I have posted a review in over two months. Oops!! I think I am way over due to post a review. So anyways on to the review.


The Invitation


Title: The Invitation

Author: Roxy Sloane

Genre: NA Erotic Romance

My Rating: 4 Stars



My Review

This was the first book I read by Roxy Sloane and WOW it was so good. This has to be the hottest 50 pages I have read in a while. This book starts out with JJ and Ash celebrating the completion of their law degree. When they first met they decided they were just going to be friends despite their mutual interest in sex (to put it nicely). On their last night together they decide to finely give in to their mutual attraction to each other and go out with a bang (HAHA see what I did there). After spending the best night of their lives together what will happen between them? This book was only 50 pages long but it was a very hot 50 pages. It was told from JJ and Ash’s point of view and it doesn’t waste any time getting to the knitty gritty. I have a feeling this was just a tease of what’s to come for Ash and JJ considering the way it ended. That ending leaves you wanting more and I really want to start book two ASAP. Because it was so short I was able to read it in one sitting.

Have you read this book before? Have you read any books by this author before? What are your thoughts on this book? I would love to here from you in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Review: The Invitation by Roxy Sloane

  1. I haven’t read anything by this author, but this one sounds good! I love a good novella every now and then. And this one sounds pretty hot and steamy! Nice mini-review! 🙂

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