24in48 Read a thon Update

Hello bookworms!!

I just thought I would do a short little post on how my progress is going for the #24in48 read a thon. I think I have done semi good but no where near as good as I was hoping. So lets just get into what I have read and how much time I have spent reading.

My husband woke up at 5 am this morning and of course I was wide awake to so I started reading Heartless by Marissa Meyer. We had to do some running around this morning to and I thought since the ride was going to be an hour there and an hour back that it would be the perfect time for me to be able to read but nope I couldn’t concentrate and it was kind of making me feel sick so I stopped, however while my husband was taking care of what he needed to I sat in the car and read my book, so all of that time didn’t go to waste.

After we got home I read Heartless for a few more hours but I wanted to take a break from that book so I started reading The Last Star & Other Stories by DL Orton. It wasn’t the greatest book but I did finish it so that’s a plus.





I have spent a total of 4 hours 7 minutes and 52 seconds reading Heartless. The night’s not over with so I will be reading some more before I go to bed but it probably want be a whole lot.





The Last Star & Other Stories



It took me a total of 1 hour 42 minutes and 16 seconds to read this book in its entirety and it was only 81 pages long.





I had really hoped to be able to read for at least 12 hours today but so far I have only read about 6 and of course there is no way I can get 6 more hours of reading in before I go to bed. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be reaching 24 hours this go around but I still have tomorrow to read so who maybe I can still do it.



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