Emoji-a-thon TBR

Hello bookworms!!

When I said I wanted to participate in more read-a-thons I never thought I would participate in so many so quickly. Last month I participated in 2 read-a-thons and I am planning to participate in 2 more this month. I first heard about this read-a-thon from Anushka @ Going Through Books blog and the graphic above is from her as well. If you haven’t already followed her blog you should go do that immediately after you read this post.

This read-a-thon is hosted by NayaReadsandSmiles, MickeyBetweenThePages, and dylanthereader5 on YouTube. Go check out there channel for all the details regarding this read-a-thon if you would like to join. The great thing about this read-a-thon is that it is going on all month. That’s right you heard me right it is a month long read-a-thon which to me is a great idea. Even though I like the short quick ones it’s nice to have one you don’t have to rush through.


❤️ Read a romance/Contemporary 


👶 Read a 2016/2017 release


🕓 Read a book in under 24 hours 


😬 Read a book you’ve been anticipating 


Will any of y’all be participating in this read a thon this month? If so which challenges are you going to do and what books do you plan to read? I will also be participating in the #TBRTakedown going on from the 6th to 12th. I am not doing a TBR because I am just planning to work on my TBR that I set for the month so if you want to see the books I have planned to read for this month just click here.

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