Current Obsession!!

Hey guys!!

Today’s post is a little different. I have been thinking about doing a post like this for a while now. I know this is techniqually a book blog I just thought it would be fun to do a post talking about something I have been obsessing over whether that be a song, tv show/movie, or something bookish etc. I though about doing this once maybe twice a month depending on if I have something I want to share with you. Please let me know in the comments below if this would be something y’all would be interested in.

For today’s post I have an entire CD I am obsessing over. I just got it in the mail Friday and I haven’t stopped listening to it. I have heard a few songs off the CD on Pandora but I was not expecting to be this obsessed with it. I know you’re sitting there saying tell us what CD it is already Misty!! Ok ok so I have been obsessing over Ed Sheerans new CD Divide.

On a side note I got this book in the mail on Friday as well and because they matched I had to take a picture of them together. So anyways back to the CD. I pretty much like every song on the CD but I definitely have my favorites.

My number one favorite song is Supermarket Flowers. If you follow me on twitter you know that I started crying when I heard this song for the first time. I definitely wasn’t expecting it but I absolutely love it. He wrote this song about his grandmother who passed away. When I listened to it I thought about both of my dads who passed away and cried like a baby. It’s not very often that a song speaks to me on a more personal level but this song did and I love it. Aside from that song I also really like Shape of You, Eraser, New Man, and What Do I Know? to name a few

I know y’all are probably thinking I am crazy for going on and on about a CD but I just really wanted to talk about it with somebody and aside from my hubby y’all were the first people I thought about. So I will leave it at that.

Have any of y’all got this album? Are y’all as obsessed with it as I am? Please leave a comment down below letting me know if this is something y’all would be interested in seeing on my blog every month?

7 thoughts on “Current Obsession!!

    1. I have like some of his songs from his other CDs but I’ve never gone and bought one of his CDs until now. Mine has been on repeat to my husband has already told me he is tired of it LOL!! Yeah I guess I do get tired of it after a while. I will stop listening to it so much after a while but if it was to come on the radio I would still listen to it I just want go out of my way to listen to it.

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