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Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

Hello bookworms!!

I would like to thank the awesome Zuky @ BookBum for tagging me. I am pretty sure I have passed the halfway point of the year already but that’s ok. I can’t believe how fast the year is going by. We are already in the 7th month of the year and I can only imagine how fast the rest of the year is going to fly by. Ok enough of me babbling lets get on to the tag.

Best Book You’ve Read So Far?

Girl Out of Water


I have read quite a few good books this year but for the sake of this tag I am going to choose Girl Out of Water by Laura Silverman. I really loved this book. This was the first book I have read that included a character with an amputation. So for me I had a personal connection with it and I loved that. If you want to know my full thoughts check out my review here.

Best Sequel of 2017 So Far?


As I was going through all of the books I have read so far in 2017 I realized I haven’t read that many sequels. Out of the few that I have read Wildfire (Criminal Utopia #2) by J. Arthur Squiers is hands down the best one. Normally the 2nd book in a series will fall flat but that was so not the case with Wildfire. This book was just as good if not better than the first book. You can read my full review here.

New Release You Haven’t Read Yet, But Want to?


There are so many I can choose for this one but I am sure y’all don’t want to be here all day going through all the books I have yet to read so I am going to pick The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel. Ever since I have been seeing peoples reviews for this book I was so intrigued by it that I wanted to read it so bad.

Most Anticipated Release For The Second Half Of The Year?

I don’t really keep up with books that are being released way before their release date. I normally don’t know about a books release until after its been released, sometimes sooner but hardly ever.

Biggest Disappointment, So Far?

I buddy read this book with a friend and if it had not been for her I probably would have DNFed it. Read my full review here.

Biggest Surprise, So Far? 


I first started reading Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge with an author but we didn’t get very far into it because she got busy with her author duties. I had only read the first 2 chapters the first time I picked it up and just from reading that I was content not to read anymore but a few months after that another blogger friend asked if I wanted to buddy read it with her and I am so glad I did. See my full review here.

Favorite New Author (Debut, Or New To You)?


For this one I am going with 2 new to me authors of the year. I read Jillian Quinn’s Debut novel Corrupt Me in January and every other book she has written since then.

Vivian Ward is a newer author to me and just from the 3 books of hers I have read so far I know I want more.

Newest Fictional Crush?

Kind of going along with the previous question I just recently finished reading Jameson by Jillian Quinn and let me just say he is my new book husband! See my full review here.

Newest Favorite Character?

Sorry to repeat myself for like the third time but I am going to have to go with Jameson from Jillian Quinn’s latest release Jameson.

Book That Made You Cry?


Do I really need to explain this one? It was so heartbreaking!!

Book That Made You Happy?


Sorry to keep using the same book but Jameson was truly a laugh out loud read and I guess that counts as it making me happy. If that doesn’t count then I have nothing.

Favorite Book To Movie Adaptation You’ve Seen This Year?

I haven’t watched that many adaptations this year. I have watched Fifty Shades Darker, 13 Reasons Why, and Beauty and the Beast so far this year. Out of those 3 my favorite is Beauty and the Beast. I bet most of y’all thought I was going to choose Fifty Shades Darker didn’t you??

The Most Beautiful Book You’ve Bought Or Received This Year, So Far?


I probably could have chosen several books for this one but Lost In A Book by Jennifer Donnelly has got to be my favorite cover so far. My husband surprised me with this book because he knows how much I love Beauty and the Beast.

What Books Do You Need To Read Before The End Of The Year?

To many to name!! There are so many books I have been meaning to get to that I would be here all day listing all the ones I still need to read so I am just going to say ALL OF THEM!!

I really enjoyed doing this tag. It’s nice to go back and refresh your memory on what you have read so far. I have been seeing this tag go around a lot lately and I don’t remember who has done it already and who hasn’t so I’m not going to be tagging anyone specifically just know that if you haven’t already done this tag then I tag you. If you do end up doing it please tag me so I can see your answers to the questions.

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