First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday Intros: Good Girls Do It Well by Aubrey Michelle


Hello bookworms!!

Credit to Diane @ Bibliophile By The Sea. This week I am sharing the first paragraph of Good Girls Do It Well by Aubrey Michelle. I haven’t started this book yet but I plan to start it today so I can have it finished before the readathon I am participating in this weekend starts.

First Paragraph

Everyone always tells me that I need to put myself out there more. I feel like every other day, someone is telling me that I’m never going to find a man by keeping myself holed up at home all the time

Regardless of how many times I insist that I’m not even actively looking, I get the same responses. I’m always told that the best man will come along when you’re not looking for love. That’s a term I’ve heard thrown around at least a hundred times but it never really sits well with me.

You don’t really get much from the first couple of paragraphs but I am hopeful that this book will be a good one. Depending on how good this book is and how into it I am it has the potential to be a pretty quick read but we shall see. As long as I finish it before Saturday I will be happy.

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