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Hello bookworms!!

Thanks to the lovely Payton @ Payton’s Book Thoughts for tagging me. If you aren’t already following her blog go right now and follow her, don’t worry I give you permission to exit out of my post to go follow her. She is so kind and her blog content is amazing. We have quickly became good friends since connecting with each other through our blogs.


Always Always Always, pingback to creator (she has trouble finding your tags because it doesn’t pingback correctly) icebreaker694
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Commenter – A book you love for the dialogue/character interaction?

Hot As Puck Facebook Banner

I love the banter between the main characters in each of these novels but especially in Jameson. This is one of Jillian Quinn’s graphics I don’t take credit for it at all.

Posts – A plot you can’t help but fall in love with?


I can’t get enough of the bad boy with a heart of gold plot. No matter how many times I read a book like this I can’t help but swoon.

Emojis – A book/series with uncontrollable feels?


Do I really need to explain this one. No! Ok I want.

Keyboard – A book with very advanced writing?


Just like Payton said about her pick for this one, this book might not have the most advanced writing but I feel like the subject matter is what makes it advanced.

Sharing – A book/series that a friend got you into?

My real life friends don’t read like I do so for this one I chose a series that I read because of all the hype from the book community. I am so glad I finally read this series last year.

Videos – The best book to movie adaptation?


Likes – Favorite book/series at the moment?


Logos – A beautiful book cover?


Just ok at that cover!! It is total heart eyes worthy.

Awards – An award winning book that stole your heart?


Followers – A hyped up author that you love?


I read TID series last year and ever since then I have been wanting to read all of Cassandras other books.

Views – A book that everyone else has read before you?


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