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24in48 Readathon Wrap Up

Hello bookworms!!

If you saw last weeks post or have been following me on Twitter then you know that I participated in the 24in48 Readathon over the weekend. Today I am here to update you on how it went for me so lets see how I did.

I only read 8 hours & 1 minute

While I really wanted to read the full 24 hours I am really happy with what I did manage to read. I spent my Saturday reading whenever I could but on Sunday I didn’t read anything at all. For some reason I just couldn’t make myself pick up another book. So all of my reading was done on Saturday. While I only read for 8 hours I did manage to finish 3 books which I am really happy with. If you want to compare my TBR to my wrap up then you can do so by clicking here. I had a last minute TBR addition so there will be a slight difference.

Here are the 3 books I finished:

I read a total of 540 pages. I know that a lot of people did so much better than me but I don’t want to compare. Do I think I could have done better of course but with that being said I did the best I could and I am extremely happy with that.

Did any of y’all participate in this readathon? If so I would love to hear about how you did? Did you read the full 24 hours? How many books did you read?

24 thoughts on “24in48 Readathon Wrap Up

    1. Thank you!! I’ve never participated in the booktubeathon. The next 24in48 readathon is January 27-28 you should definitely participate in the next one if you can. This was my second time participating and even though I have yet to hit the 24 hour mark I have so much fun trying.


      1. It started today and last until Sunday you have 7 questions you still have a chance to do it if you want to let me know if you do and ill link my post so you can see the questions definitely will I’m really excited this is my first book challenge which is shocking since I’ve been blogging for a year now the readathon you were doing. sounds really hard and fun I’m sure you will next time.

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    1. Thank you!! I’m really happy with what I was able to accomplish. They are having the next one January 27-28 and I will definitely be participating again. I am determined to reach 24 hours at least once lol.

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  1. Seriously no need to compare yourself to other readers! Some people have lots of time or read ridiculously fast [I’m one of the latter, haha], but that doesn’t mean it should feel like a competition. You still have to enjoy it!
    I didn’t participate, but I had fun following up on people who did. [Especially had to laugh with a particular someone who succeeded in erasing her timer several times, haha.]

    I’ll definitely have to do this read-a-thon some time though. If it ever fits in my schedule, that is.. :’)

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    1. Thank you so much! I consider myself a slow reader. I had fun participating I was just hoping I would have done better so I kind of let myself down I guess. But that’s ok because I will be participating again in January.

      You should definitely participate if you get the chance it’s really fun.

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      1. I started a bullet journal at the start of the year but after a while was just.. Nah.. I don’t know; felt like I was more busy making it look decent than actually doing the stuff I was following up on in that thing, haha.
        I just need to get myself a good blogging calendar. *To do for this weekend*
        But I added the dates in my phone; should remember it that way haha. Thank you!

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