Review: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle


Title: A Wrinkle in Time

Author: Madeleine L’Engle

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Published: May 23rd 2006 (Audiobook Addition)

Dates Read: 8/2/2017 – 8/3/2017

Source: Library

My Rating:

Goodreads SynopsisIt was a dark and stormy night; Meg Murry, her small brother Charles Wallace, and her mother had come down to the kitchen for a midnight snack when they were upset by the arrival of a most disturbing stranger.”Wild nights are my glory, ” the unearthly stranger told them. “I just got caught in a downdraft and blown off course. Let me sit down for a moment, and then I’ll be on my way. Speaking of way, by the way, there is such a thing as a tesseract.”

A tesseract (in case the reader doesn’t know) is a wrinkle in time. To tell more would rob the reader of the enjoyment of Miss L’Engle’s unusual book.

My ThoughtsFirst off thank you so much to Brittany @ BookishBeauty for buddy reading this book with me. I always really enjoy doing buddy reads. I love being able to talk to someone about my initial thoughts on a book as soon as I have read it. Brittany has also recently started a YouTube channel Bookish Beauty that goes along with her blog. If you aren’t already following her you definitely should. She is such a sweet person.

This was the first time I have ever read A Wrinkle in Time. I was hoping to get the physical book from my library but there was a long hold on it so I ended up listening to the audiobook.

The audiobook was actually narrated by the author herself and I think she did a pretty good job.

This book was written for children and I think that if I would have read it when I was younger I probably would have enjoyed it a lot more. It wasn’t horrible I actually did enjoy reading it and I flew through it.

All of the science talk has a lot to do with me not enjoying the book as much as I think I could have. I was able to follow along with the story and was able to understand what was going on even though the science stuff went completely over my head.

My favorite character is hands down Charles Wallace. Megan’s 5 year old brother. Even though he comes off older than he is I couldn’t help but think he was the cutest thing.

Megan on the other hand was really annoying. She came off as extremely whiny to me and it really got on my nerves. I mentioned this to Brittany as we were reading it and she said Meg didn’t seem very whiny to her. She was reading the book and I was listening to the audiobook so things come off a little differently obviously.

The ending was lackluster to me. I guess I was expecting something more epic to happen and we just didn’t get epic at all. Maybe that will happen in later books but at this point I don’t really have any immediate plans to continue on with the series. Maybe one day I will but I doubt it.

Have you read A Wrinkle in Time before? What were your thoughts on it? Do you think I should continue on with the next book in the series?

5 thoughts on “Review: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

  1. Ahhh thank you for the shoutout! You’re the best 🙂

    You already know my thoughts about this one, but I wanted to comment anyways! It’s really interesting how some things come across differently between physical books and audiobooks. I kinda want to reread this on audiobook one day (maybe right before the movie comes out?) and see if some of my opinions change with that format.

    Thanks again for buddy reading with me 🙂

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