It’s Monday What Are You Reading #10

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Credit as always goes to The Book Date. I read Cold Sober last month during the 24in48 readathon and I think that because I was trying to get through as many books as I could I didn’t really connect with the poems so I wanted to give it another shot. Have you read any of the books I mentioned? What are you currently reading?

14 thoughts on “It’s Monday What Are You Reading #10

  1. I read Everything Everything and Unexpected Everything from your list. At the moment though, I’m reading another book called Summer Days, Summer Nights which was actually very interesting because it was 12 different and small romances by 12 different authors. It’s a nice book to read.

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      1. I loved both the books! in fact I added them to my shelf reserved for my favorite books! Palmer was my favorite character because her dares were to die for, especially the texting one with Toby. I also loved the concept of a Scavenger hunt which introduced a few of Matson’s old characters and some mystery. As for Everything Everything, I love Carla and Olly! Carla was like the best nurse she could ever have and Olly was like the most fun character with his fast favorites text messages. I also loved the plot which was very similar to the plot of Tangled one of my favorite Disney movies. Who are your favorite characters? What were your favorite parts of both the books?


      2. I am a sucker for romance so the romance in both of the books were my favorites. I adored Clarke in The Unexpected Everything he was just so cute and I loved how awkward he was. As for Everything, Everything I would have to say Olly and Carla were my favorites as well. I loved how Olly was just so accepting from the beginning and wasn’t judgmental. And I 100% agree with you about Carla!!

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      3. Come to think about it, I loved Clarke too! It would honestly be so cool to have a boyfriend who writes books lives with the cutest dog and has the handsomest eyes! I really did like him too. What was honestly really nice was that he and Tom got along really well and that was pretty great too. It’s so awesome to connect with someone over a good book. Where I live, people think reading is boring, too much work or I’m just insane to read. Is it like that in your town?

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      4. Yes I loved the friendship aspect of the whole book. I was kind of sad about what went down between some of the friends. Yeah it’s pretty much the same where I am too. At least for the people who hang out with. No one I knows reads and I don’t really think I could talk to anyone about the books I have read.

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