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Spring Cleaning Tag

Hello bookworms

I was tagged by The Green Onion Blog for this tag a while ago. I know its no longer spring but for the sake of this post we are going to pretend that it is. Lets just get right to it shall we?

The struggle of getting started: a book/book series that you have struggled to begin because of its size:


I have put off starting this series for so long now because this book alone is 850 pages. That’s a lot of pages at least for me it is. One day I will be able to say I read this book.

Cleaning out the closet: a book and/or book series you want to unhaul:

I don’t unhaul books. Every book I have I plan to read at some point I just have to wait for the right mood to come along.

Opening windows and letting fresh air in: a book that was refreshing:


When I started this book I was really worried I wasn’t going to like it because I was so bored but it grew on me and I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did. It was a cute laugh out loud read.

Washing out sheet stains: a book you wish you could rewrite a certain scene in:


I really enjoyed reading this book but I wasn’t happy with the ending. I would love to be able to rewrite the ending.

Throwing out unnecessary knick-knacks: a book in a series that you didn’t feel was necessary:

I can’t really answer this question for two reasons. One being most of the series I have started I haven’t made it past the first book yet and the second reason being for the few series I have completed I liked every book and wouldn’t want to get rid of one of them.

Polishing the doorknobs: a book that had a clean finish:

All of Jillian Quinn’s books have clean finishes. She does an amazing job of wrapping everything up and not leaving you with a million questions.

The tiring yet satisfying finish of spring cleaning: a book that was tiring yet satisfying to get through:


I have talked about this book several times on my blog. This book was so slow and I wasn’t into it until like the last 8 chapters. I am glad I didn’t DNF this book like I had initially wanted to do.

Looking forward to next spring: Tag 4 people you want to do this tag:

Since I am so late doing this tag I am not going to be tagging anyone considering it’s past spring already.

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