Monthly Wrap Up

August Reads 2017

Hello bookworms!!

So I finally decided I didn’t want to do a monthly wrap up on top of the weekly wrap ups but I still wanted to have a place for all of the books I read in the month so that is what August Reads is going to be. I am just going to be listing all of the books I read this month as well as talk about my favorite read of the month and starting next month I will be including my challenge stats in these posts as well.

Books Read In August


Favorite Read Of August


Is it really a surprise that the one book I read by Nicholas Sparks this month ended up being my favorite? I was skeptical about it when I first started it because the tone of it was different than his other books but I ended up enjoying it so much. I will be posting my review hopefully sometime soon.

I read 8 books in August, one of which I read through twice so that makes 9. I know some people wouldn’t count that as 2 different reads but I do. I am happy with my outcome for the month but I hope to be able to read more in September. How was your month in books? What was your favorite book?  



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