Weekly Wrap Up

Weekly Wrap Up 9/10 – 9/16

weekly wrap up

Hello bookworms!!

This past week hasn’t been a good week for reading or blogging. We were in the path of Hurricane Irma so our power was out for 2 days and then our phones were out for 3 days so I wasn’t able to get any posts up. When I only have the option to read I feel like I am being forced to read and I can’t enjoy it as much so even though I couldn’t do anything else I didn’t read as much as I could have. Lets just get into this weekly wrap up shall we.

Books I’ve started this week


This week I started this comic book but I haven’t finished it yet. I am not really enjoying it as much as I thought I would so it’s taking me a little longer to get through it. I only have 70 pages left so hopefully I will be able to finish it in the next day or two.


This week I have continued watching Supernatural on Netflix. I finished season 11 and watched the first 3 episodes of season 12. I’ve been sucked back in to this show again so I might have this finished in the next week or two.

I watched a new movie this week with my husband called Darkness Rising. This was such a complete waste of time. There was no point to it at all and it’s the stupidest movie we have watched in a while.

This week on the blog



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