eARC Review: Chasing Ella by Jillian Quinn

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Title: Chasing Ella

Author: Jillian Quinn

Genre: Romance, Retelling

Published: September 27th 2017

Dates Read: 9/20/17 – 9/26/2017

Source: eARC received from author

My Rating:

Goodreads SynopsisEvery Princess needs a Prince Charming…

When a masked girl throws herself at Shawn Finch at a costume party, the hotshot football player assumes she’s just another girl trying to get his attention. Except she’s not just any girl. She’s his Cinderella, the nameless girl in the pale blue dress who got away.

Desperate to find her, Finch searches for his mystery girl with no luck. So, it must be fate when Finch’s grade point average drops and the school assigns him a tutor not knowing they just handed over his Cinderella.

After having a crush on Finch since the first time she spotted him on campus, one kiss was all she’d ever wanted. But Finch has other plans once he discovers the truth about his tutor.

My Thoughts

I received an eARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Chasing Ella is a fairy-tale retelling of Cinderella.

We all know the classic story of Cinderella right? Chasing Ella goes exactly like that story just with a more steamy romance and modern day challenges.

When I finished this book last night I immediately went on Goodreads and gave it 5 stars however, after I slept on it and thought about it some more today I decided to give it 4 stars for a few reasons.

This is a case of insta love and you all know by now that I have no problem with insta love so long as it is done right. In this case it wasn’t done wrong there was just something off about it a little. I know this probably doesn’t make sense just bare with me while I try to explain. With Ella her love of Finch was very believable right from the beginning. It was Finch who I had a hard time believing at first. I can’t really say what made me feel this way but his initial meeting of Ella at the masquerade party when he chases after her and the stuff he was saying I don’t know it just didn’t come across as believable to begin with. The further into the book you get though the more believable it gets.

Also I wish there was more of the evil stepmother. Don’t get me wrong she obviously plays a significant role in the store I just wanted more of her evilness especially toward the end of the book.

Aside from those two things I really enjoyed reading this. I think Jill did an amazing job at portraying the characters. You know what characters you are supposed to love and which ones you are supposed to hate. You will definitely find yourself having strong feelings towards certain characters.

I loved how this is a retelling of a fairy-tale geared toward adults. You get your sexy time although not as much as some of her other books but I still loved it.

I say this every time I read one of Jillian’s books but I absolutely love how characters from her other books always play a part in every book.

Once I finished the book I thought the romance was super cute. This is a definite read for all of you romance lovers out there.

Have you had a chance to read this book yet? Do you want to read it? If you have read it what are your thoughts on it?


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