November 2017 TBR


Hello bookworms!!

Todays TBR is going to be a little all over the place. For November I have decided to participate in 4 readathons and I recently joined Zuky’s new book club which I will talk about more below plus I have a couple books that I just got for review. So needless to say this is going to be a very ambitious TBR but I am determined to read them all so I can try to reach my challenge goals for the year. This is going to be a pretty long post guys so you might want to grab a snack. Enough rambling lets get right to the readathons and what books I plan to read for each.

Remember November (1-30)

The first readathon I am participating in was created by Kathy @ Books and Munches. This is a month long readathon where you work on those challenges/goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year. For all the rules click the link above to see Kathy’s announcement post. So for this I have decided to work on my Alphabet Soup Challenge as well as the Pages Read Challenge. My goal for Pages Read is 24,000 pages and I have currently read 15,344 so every book I manage to read this month will count toward that challenge. I was doing so good with the Alphabet Soup Challenge and then I got down to those hard letters and just forgot about them for a while. So the letters I have left and the books I plan to read are:

  • Q – The Quickie by James Patterson (357 pages)
  • V – With Visions of Red by Trisha Wolfe (202 pages) 
  • X –
  • Y – You by Caroline Kepnes (422 pages)
  • Z – Zoo by James Patterson (395 pages)

The BookBum Club (1-30)

Zuky @ BookBum created a book club and let me just say that I freaking love the idea of this kind of book club. I normally don’t join any book clubs because 99% of the time I don’t have the book they are reading and I can’t afford the time or the space to go buy those books every month so when I saw Zukys book club where you get to choose what book you read based on a particular theme each month I had to join.

November is Zuky’s birthday month so it’s very fitting for the theme to be HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This theme is open to any kind of book you’ve received from another person, not including the publishers! If you happened to receive the book on your birthday, that’s a bonus!

So I don’t think I have ever received a book on my birthday unless I got it for myself so for this I choose a book I received from a fellow blogger friend (thanks again Luna) and that book is:

Zuky made a Goodreads page if anyone is interested in joining you can do so by clicking here.

Read-A-Thin (1-30)

The next readathon which is also another month long readthon is Read-A-Thin. This readathon was created by Jessica @ JessicaMarie493, Amanda @ ACourtofBooksandLove, and Chelsea @ AVeryBookishGirl. The point of this readathon is to read books you’ve had sitting around for a while and have been meaning to read. If you want to know all the rules Jessica’s link will take you to the original announcement post from when they created it a few months ago. This readathon has challenges you can do as well. So the challenges I will be doing and the books I will be reading are:

1. Read a 2017 release
2. Read a diverse book
3. Read a book that is related to your favorite emoji
4. Read a book with a fall themed cover
5. Start and finish a series
6. Read a book in 24 hours
7. Read a new to you author
8. Buddy read a book
9. Read a horror/thriller
10. Read a book outside of your favorite genre
11. Read an eBook
12. Listen to an audiobook of a book you own
13. Read a book that counts toward another readathon
14. Read a book that is due back to the library the soonest
15. Read a book you ended up putting down previously
16. Read a book you got from a subscription box
17. Read a book you got for free (gift, ARC, giveaway, etc)
18. Read 4 books (At least 8 challenges)


  • Beautifully Broken by Laura Lee (? pages) ebook
  • Finding Kyler by Siobhan Davis (? pages)
  • Baby Doll by Hollie Overton (? pages) Book I Previously Put Down
  • 180 Second by Jessica Park (? pages)
  • Follow You by Richard Parker (? pages) Book Outside of my favorite Genre
  • With Visions of Red by Trisha Wolfe (Repeat)
  • You by Caroline Kepnes (Repeat)
  • It by Stephen King (1,156 pages) Horror/Thriller / Audiobook
  • All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr (530 pages) Buddy Read / Counts Toward Another Readathon
  • November 9 by Colleen Hoover (Repeat) New To Me Author / Book I Got For Free

Borrowathon (5-12)

This readathon was created by Riley @ rmfickfack on YouTube and the purpose of this readathon is to read books you have borrowed from the library, a friend, or family member etc. There are challenges to go along with this one as well but I’m not participating in the challenges. The books I plan to read for this one are:

  • The Quickie by James Patterson (Repeat)
  • Zoo by James Patterson (Repeat)
  • The Lake House by Kate Morton (492 pages)

Tome Topple (17-30)

The last readathon I am participating in is the Tome Topple Readathon created by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes on YouTube. In this readathon you are supposed to read books that are over 500 pages long. There are some rules which you can learn more about by clicking the link above. This readathon has  some challenges to go along with it as well. The challenges and the books I am hoping to complete are:

1. Read more than 1 tome
2. Read a graphic novel (still over 500 pages!)
3. Read a tome that is part of a series
4. Buddy read a tome
5. Read an adult novel

  • It by Stephen King (Repeat)
  • All the Light We Cannot See (Repeat)


Last but not least I have the ARCs I was sent to review which I have to have finished as soon as possible. Those books are:

  • Only You by Vivian Ward and Derek Masters (? Pages)
  • Loud Music by Gloria Geiger (307 pages)

Wow I worked on this post for a couple hours yesterday and probably another hour or o today and I think I have included everything I wanted to include. Lets hope so at least. Since some of the books I am using in more than one readathon I have only put a link to one of the book titles. Wow I hope all of this makes since because I am kind of confusing myself LOL. I told y’all I had a very ambitious TBR for November. I mean what was I thinking picking 15 books? I think I might be setting myself up for failure but I am determined to not let that happen.

How does your November TBR look? Do you have an ambitious TBR like I do? Are you participating in any of the readathons I am participating in? How about any other readathons? 

28 thoughts on “November 2017 TBR

  1. Omg, you have an ambitious TBR there! Amazing lineup of books… I’m participating in Remember November, too! Let’s hope we can accomplish our goals!! (In my case, sticking to my TBR this time around… haha!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t have a TBR, the only two books I have to read are The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig and The Haters by Jesse Andrews, and I have to read them for a school project due at the end of the month.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Holy, that’s a lot of read-a-thons, haha!
    I like doing multiple at the same time as well, but I’m pretty much having a bit of a reading slump so I’m trying not to get invested in more than two right now.. I think my TBR is mentally getting the best of me, boo. 😦

    Glad you’re joining in Remember November!! Hope you have a rockin’ reading month! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Damn there is a lot of books! I love the book club I’m going to join now it’s such an awesome idea and I have so much TBR I can probably keep up with any theme for a while XD I hope you’re loving It, and I loved You! Joe is such a creep but it’s one of my fave thrillers (I disliked Hidden bodies tho so D: ) Hope you’re getting through all these!

    Liked by 1 person

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