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Loud Music by Gloria Geiger Blog Tour 11/11 – 11/17

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It has been a while since I participated in a blog tour so I am happy that today I am the last stop on the Loud Music by Gloria Geiger blog tour.



Title: Loud Music: If It Ain’t Turned Up… It Ain’t Loud Music!
Author: Gloria L. Geiger

Synopsis from

Ryan Davies is the lead singer of America’s most popular rock group Loud Music. His face is on just about every magazine cover, website, and news program in the country and around the world. With T.V. endorsements and film offers, Ryan is set to become one of the most famous superstars of all time. That’s only on the surface, under it all, there are problems, drugs, alcohol, sex, run-ins with law enforcement and his adorable face on the nightly news reporting yet another embarrassing moment in his life. To top that off, his controlling and money hungry mother still wants control of all things Ryan Davies, including money! His bandmates hate him and he has been arrested so many times the jail might as well have a revolving door just for him. All that glitters isn’t gold in his life, that is until a court judge decides to make him the example by sending Ryan to work on his estranged father’s Kentucky horse ranch. At first, Ryan thinks this might be the death of him until he meets the family he never knew and starts to form bonds with each of them including a special needs cousin who will teach Ryan that there is more to life than being rich and famous.

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My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed reading this book. When I first read the synopsis of this book I thought it sounded interesting. I didn’t really know what to expect going into it but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I ended up enjoying it.

The main character Ryan Davies was a little hard to connect with to begin with but the more I read the more I started to feel sorry for him. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I love how a love interest isn’t what helps Ryan get back on track. If you know me that’s a bold statement for me to say considering how much I love romance.

This was a fun quick read and I would recommend you give it a read. 4/5 stars


The music is thunderous roaring in my chest and vibrating down to my feet. My body buzzing, itching to move with the beat as the backup dancers come out on stage. Blue, purple and white stage lights along with smoke from the smog machine fill the air as the audience starts screaming and chanting along with Bobby, who raps, “Rock that body, rock it good shake what yo’ momma gave ya, promise not to break ya…”

The distinct sweet smell of cannabis wafts towards me on the stage making me want to light up just once before this segment of the show.

I follow behind lead choreographer, Benny Henderson, one of my friends on this tour, he’s tatted all over his chest and arms and has large black gauges in his ears, and a buzz-cut so close to his scalp the stage lights gleam off his head. The dancers line up diagonally and wait for me to make my move, and then right on beat, I jump out in front of the dancers as planned to start my choreographed dance. Swaying and stomping to the music with the dancers. A female dancer saunters in front of me, wearing a flesh-colored dress covered in clear sequins and fringe, swaying her hips. She gives me a flirtatious smirk as she runs her finger across my chest. I give her a look that conveys my lustful interest then grab her wrist and spin her into my arms. We begin an insanely fast-paced cha-cha dance as the other dancers follow in suit. The crowd goes nuclear feeding my performers soul. I wink at my dance partner, Chalice, Cherise, Patrice. Whatever, then dip her backwards and kiss her cheek. It’s all part of the show; still, I can feel her melt in my arms.

“Not yet, sweetheart!” I say in her ear then pull her up straight and continue dancing while Bobby’s rapping into his mic. She sways her hips, twisting and turning in step with me.

“Gimme, gimme, give me what I want!” Bobby shouts into his mic as I spin her from my arms and perform a Fred Astaire move with another beautiful redheaded dancer twirling her about like a little shiny spinning top, the fringe of her nude colored dress splaying out from her body catching the stage lights like a human crystal.

The music suddenly stops as we stand with our heads down waiting for our cue.

“ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!” Bobby shouts and on cue the male back up dancers, dressed in only black leather pants, and I rush toward the audience of screaming teenage girls drop to our knees and skid to a stop, turning sideways, leaning back slightly, and start thrusting our hips as if we are sexing thin air.

Then we drop forward into the most inappropriate version of push-ups known to humanity and simulate what we’d do to our girl if she were under us. On the eight count, we flip over, land in a crab position, and thrust our pelvis skyward giving the girls up front the “do me baby” face. Quickly popping up on my feet I race back toward my mic as Bobby shouts in my ear, “Gonna get someone spontaneously pregnant doing that!” I look at my friend and laugh, seeing the surging and frenzied crowd, gives me feeling of completeness, of being whole.

Performing is like flying. Up here, I am untouchable, I get high off the music, the crowds cheers and screaming, lights and sounds! This is where I am free to be the real Ryan Davies.

No one to treat me like a kid without say in his future, only the music, the fans, and my voice…up here, I am king. I am alive and up here I matter, not because of what I can do for someone or what my name will get them.

It’s because my fans see me! They know I do this for them and them alone! Up here I feel… loved, something sorely lacking for the past twenty-one years of my life.

Shawn steps forward with his guitar and does some crazy Chuck Berry dance moves then spins and walks back to his place next to Trevor they trade looks then continue bopping their heads to the music. The two of them are crazy talented songwriters.

“Gimme your life, gimme your soul, come on baby I’ll eat you whole…” I sing into the mic taking over on vocals again. Funny thing about performing it makes me feel as if I took the happiest of happy pills getting the ultimate high! The bad thing about getting high though is eventually you have to come back down again and the crash is always painful.

That will be later…after the show, when it’ll be Ryan versus… them, me against my entire world.

I wish it were different. I wish it could be as it was when I first joined Loud Music. But we can’t go back in time, can we?


Gloria L. Geiger is a lover of the written word, mostly YA novels. Her love of reading started in elementary school when the librarian introduced her to Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. From that point forward she has been an avid bookworm. Reading books whenever and wherever she could. As an author, she hopes to inspire others. Always be the sunshine and not the black cloud in someone’s day.

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