eARC Review: Only Me by Vivian Ward and Derek Masters


Title: Only Me

Author: Vivian Ward & Derek Masters

Genre: Adult Romance

Published: November 28th 2017

Dates Read: 12/4/2017 – 12/6/2017

Source: received from author via booksprout

My Rating:


Goodreads SynopsisOur past destroyed us once, but I refuse to lose her again.
It only takes one mistake to ruin everything you’ve got, and I’ve made several of those. We spent so much time together: loving each other, hating each other, and, eventually, trying to get over each other, but I could never forget her. Every smile, laugh, and curve of her beautiful body was etched into my heart and soul.

I thought our love story was over, but fate brought us back together when I was least suspecting it.

When I lay eyes on her again six years later, I know things aren’t over—at least not for me. The moment I see her, a thousand unspoken words pass between us and all the feelings I’d lost come flooding back. But I have to ask myself, did I ever really heal or are the ghosts of our past too much to overcome?

Buy Only Me, a complete standalone dark romance to find out if these two can mend their broken past. 

My ThoughtsThis is the second book that Vivian Ward and Derek Masters co-authored together. The first one being Only You which I reviewed last month. These are companion novels but they can definitely be read as standalones.

In the first book I wasn’t really a fan of Lucas but reading about his back story I got an insight into why he acts the way he does. He totally grew on me in this book and I have come to adore him as much as Mason.

This is a sweet second chance romance novel that deals with some heavy subjects. While I have never dealt with this personally I feel like the way Lucas had miraculously gotten better just from having Toni back in his life isn’t an accurate representation. I feel like what was done on Toni’s side was actually handled much better and comes off to be a little more realistic.

Over all I love the romance, I mean really did you think I was going to say I didn’t love the romance aspect of the book lol I mean it’s me we’re talking about here. Anyways I got off on a little tangent. I loved the romance, I thought it was really sweet and it was done perfectly however I think a little work could have been done with how Lucas’s side of the story was handled. I’m being vague because I don’t want to spoil anything.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed an eARC of this book from the author via booksprout**

Have you read Only Me? Are you interested in reading it?

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