Pages Read 2018


Hello bookworms!!

So far for this year I’ve only decided to participate in 2 challenges. One being the Alphabet Soup Challenge which you saw in yesterdays post and the second one being the Pages Read Challenge which I’m going to talk about today. I participated in this challenge last year and just like with my other challenge I didn’t quite reach my goal. So, I want to try again this year. This challenge is hosted by Book Dragon’s Lair. She posted at the beginning of December saying she was still planning on hosting all of her challenges and she would post about them as soon as she could. As of right now she hasn’t posted anything so I am going to be going by what she had for last year. When she does post if anything is different I will update this post.

How it works:

Basically there are 8 levels you can choose from. You will choose what level you want to try reaching and that’s it.

Bonsai – Read 12,000 pages
Shrub – Read 24,000 pages
Dwarf Peach – Read 36,000 pages
Apple Tree – Read 48,000 pages
Oak – Read 60,000 pages
Douglas Fir – Read 72,000 pages
Sequoia – Read 84,000 pages
Redwood – Read 84,001+ pages

I decided to go for 24,000 pages again this year. In 2017 I read around 19,000 so I wasn’t to far behind. Surely I can reach 24,000 pages read with my Goodreads goal being to read 100 books. Are you participating in this challenge or something like it?



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