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Favorite Covers of Books I Read in 2017

Hello bookworms!!

I know I said I was done with the wrap up posts for 2017 but a couple days ago while blog hopping I came across Kristi @ Confessions of a YA Readers post talking about her favorite covers of 2017 and it made me realize I never did mine. So I am here today to show y’all my favorite covers of 2017. I’m just going by books that I read in 2017 not that were released in 2017. I loved these covers for different reasons. I loved how simplistic some of them were, I loved how some of them tied into the story so well, and some of them are just straight up beautiful. These are in no particular order so lets get to it shall we.


Were any of these favorites of yours?


20 thoughts on “Favorite Covers of Books I Read in 2017

  1. Simply sitting here and giving 180 seconds the stink-eye. I finished it yesterday and it’s been ages since I felt so broken, ripped and.. pretty much one giant mess. I cried SO HARD. Even the boyfriend didn’t know what to do with me. :’)

    Love the covers you picked though! Really like Cruel Beauty but I simply have a thing with roses, I guess.

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      1. That’s because you simply sit there and watch. You can’t imagine it because you’re seeing it. When you’re reading and imagining it, you imagine it in a.. more tolerable way? I guess?
        At least that’s how I would explain it for myself, haha.

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