Review Mash-Up #2


Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo

I watched the movie adaptation of this book a while back. When I first watched the movie I’m pretty sure I didn’t realize it was based off of a book. I finally got around to buying the book from Book Outlet not to long ago. I didn’t realize the copy that I bought was a special movie edition that includes interviews with several people involved in the movie as well as the Burpos themselves. I really enjoyed being able to read each of those interviews and learning how each person approached this story. This book is a fast paced captivating read. I was struggling getting into some of the other books I was currently reading so I picked this one up and immediately started flying through it. I think this is a book everyone should read whether you believe in God or not. I personally believe there is a God and I believe little Colton seen all that he said he seen in Heaven. I hope that if you haven’t already read this book that you will pick it up one day and give it a read.


No-One Ever Has Sex On Christmas Day by Tracy Bloom

(DNF @ 36%)

I came across this book on NetGalley and with a title like that I had to look into it a little more. I read the synopsis of this book before I requested it and I even follow several people who have talked about this book on their blog. With a title like that and with what I had seen from the book community I was expecting this book to be funny. Unfortunately this book was a big let down for me. I didn’t find this book at all hilarious and I was so bored with the parts I read. I didn’t connect with any of the characters and honestly they all came across very childish instead of the 40+ year olds they were. It’s worth noting that this is the 3rd book in a series but I didn’t realize that so I read it as a standalone. Maybe that has something to do with why I couldn’t get into it like so many others seem to be doing. I found this to be slow going but that again might just be because I wasn’t enjoying it. I don’t want to keep anyone from reading this book because it seems like the majority of the people are really enjoying it. If you do decide to read this book it might help if you start with the first book.

Back to Good by Laura Benson

Last year I participated in a lot of authors Facebook parties and in doing so I learned of more authors that I had never heard of. I won this book in one of those parties. I can’t tell you much about the party I participated in now besides that it was a signed physical copy from the author that I won. I am a little torn on how I feel about this book. It was slow going to start with and right off the bat Charlotte “Charlie” didn’t make a good impression on me. She came off very conceited and I can’t stand that. Since the book is told from her point of view it made it hard to connect with. Matthew was another one that bugged me a little bit. His attitude started to get old after a while. Ugh and Joey IDK what to think of him. I kind of feel sorry for him and then at the same time it’s like you brought this on yourself. A lot of the drama could have been avoided if the characters would have just opened their mouths and talked to each other. I had another issue with Charlie but I can’t get into that without spoiling some of the book. Lets just say I think she could have done a better job at doing her job. There were some things that happened that I felt like shouldn’t have happened considering what she was there to do. Plus something happened at the end that when I read it I was like really? (My husband gave me a weird look because I was talking to my book lol). I feel like the ending was the easy way out for other aspects of the story. Ok so all of that being said you would think I didn’t like this book but after I got passed the first few chapters something sucked me in and I didn’t want to put the book down. Have you ever read a book that you had several issues with but at the same time you couldn’t help but to keep reading it because you were so into the story? That is this book for me and at the time of me writing this I still have no clue what to rate it.

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