Review Mash-Up #3


One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I buddy read this book with Abantika @ hiltonjenkin on Instagram. This is my first experience with a Taylor Jenkins Reid novel and it definitely want be my last. First I want to say that this is an impossible situation that Emma has found herself in and the author portrayed all of the conflicting emotions that each of the characters had perfectly in my opinion. It’s broken up into several different sections. You get a section on Emma and Jesse’s relationship, then you get Emma and Sam’s relationship, and then there are different sections on what happens after Jesse is found and returns home. When I started this book I was expecting it to be less of the back story and more of the who is she going to end up choosing in the end. That being said though its not a bad thing at all. I can see why the author included it. It’s fast paced but I felt like it needed to slow down a little especially in the beginning. When your getting all the back story on Emma and Jesse it felt like the author was flying through that part, like she just wanted to give you the basics but I felt like there love for each other could have used a little more fleshing out. I don’t want to say that their love for each other was unbelievable because that’s not really the case but I can’t come up with any other way to explain it. I really enjoyed this book. I was talking to a friend on twitter about how I kind of didn’t want to finish the book because I was worried about who she was going to end up with in the end. I knew who I wanted it to be and I was very passionate about it. I told her that if she ends up going with the other one I would most likely throw my book across the room. Just so you know my book is nice and safe on my bookshelf! I would like to comment more on each separate relationship but I can’t really do that without spoilers so I am going to leave it at I really enjoyed this and I look forward to reading more by this author.


The Hating Gam by Sally Thorne

(4.5 Stars)

I participated in the #24in48 readathon this weekend and I decided to start it off by reading this book. I’m glad I did because I really got into it and didn’t want to put it down. I was able to read this whole book in a little under 8 hours. Like I said I really did enjoy this book but I had a couple issues with it that made me take off half a star. First off Lucy was kind of childish in my opinion and every time she would describe what someone looked liked she always threw in some negative comments about them which got on my nerves. I mean why do you have to be so judgmental. This is a hate to love romance and as you all know by now I love me some romance. I absolutely adored the romance between Josh and Lucy and to be honest I might be in love with Josh myself (shh don’t tell my husband) what got on my nerves at first was when they “hated” each other. These 2 were supposed to be grown ups but here they were acting like immature teenagers. Even with those two issues I had the romance between them hooked me and I really enjoyed this book.


Postcard from France by Megan McNeill Libby

I came across this book last year at a library book sale. I had never heard of it but it was short and it sounded like it could be good so I got it. This book was written by the author when she was a junior in high school initially as postcards sent to a newspaper to be published. She talked about her experiences as an exchange student in France. She would send postcards every month for the year that she was in France. She then took those and turned them into this book. I don’t really have a lot to say about this book. It wasn’t one of those books that blew me away and it wasn’t one that I hated. It was just ok. I think the author did a good job at getting her feelings across. This was a quick read and it kept my interest throughout.

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  1. Great reviews, Misty! Taylor Jenkins Reid has become one of my ‘want-to-read-thier-books’ authors and your review definitely made me want to pick up this book! Thank you ❤

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