Top 6 Favorite Relationships

Hello bookworms!!

Today I have a list for you guys. In honor of Valentine’s Day even though I know not everybody is into Valentines Day or romance for that matter I decided I would do a list of my favorite relationships. Just hear me out for a minute before you decide to leave. As you know I love my romance so this list will include some romantic relationships but I’m also going to include my favorite friendships and family relationships. This is going to be a mix of everything so there’s something for everyone. Without further ado here are my Top 6 Favorite Relationships.


I’m going to start this list off with a book I recently finished and my favorite relationship in this one is the friendship between Nim and Alia. No matter what these girls stuck together and had each others backs.


Next up is Emma and Sam. This was a complicated situation for these two but I found myself routing for these two to end up together right from the start.


Fallon and Ben are probably on my top 5 OTP list. I loved these two from the beginning and it was like I was right there with them going through all of the emotions.


While this book did have a little bit of romance in it that’s not what I want to talk about for this one. What I really enjoyed in this book was the family dynamic. Yes they all had their secrets but in the end they somehow managed to get through all of it.


Harry Potter has great friendship and family representation to me. Again there’s a little romance but that’s not what stands out to me. The Weasleys are probably the best fictional family I have ever read about and the way Hermione and Ron stick with Harry no matter what is amazing and is a true testament to their friendship.

I can’t do a list like this without mentioning books by my favorite author. I love how his characters always go through real life situations. It makes it more relatable and there’s always romance involved. I have read several of his books and they never let me down.

I know 6 is an odd number. I hope y’all enjoyed my list and please let me know what you think of my choices. I hope you all have a Happy Valentine’s Day whether you’re sharing in with a significant other, your best friend, your family, or just yourself.

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