Book Hauls

March 2018 Book Haul

Book Haul

Hello bookworms!!

I have a lot of books to share with y’all today so I am going to skip the babbling and just jump right into all of the books I got in March.








Book Depository

I have been wanting to start this trilogy for a while but I wanted to wait until I had all of the books because I knew I was going to end up binge reading them. When I bought the first book I bought it in paperback so of course I wanted the other 2 books to be paperback as well. I had no problems getting Gemina but when Obsidio came out earlier this month I had a hard time finding it in paperback for a reasonable price. I found it on Book Depository but I can’t order from that site. I was so close to just ordering the hardback book because I wanted to read them so bad. Paytonย orders from them all the time so she offered to order the paperback for me and have it sent to me and I ordered her the hardcover. Thank you again Payton for doing this for me.


  • Obsidio by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

Review Copies

The author Jina S. Bazzar reached out to me via email for these two books.


Wow I ended up with 16 new books this month. I guess I was making up for not buying very many books in January and February. In April my Library is having a book sale and I haven’t been to one of those in a while so next months haul might beย a big one as well. Hopefully not to big though cause I am running out of room. Have you read any of these books? Did we haul any of the same books?

29 thoughts on “March 2018 Book Haul

  1. Great haul! I still havenโ€™t read The Selection and TMI series. I love Lunar Chronicles so enjoy! I just went to the last day of my library book sale yesterday but I only got one, The Graveyard Book. Not many choices on the last day. They only host on weekdays ๐Ÿ˜ฉ Is the book really broken apart hauling on thriftbooks?

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    1. Thank you. I will be buddy reading Cinder in April. My library book sale only happens for 1 day. I always try to go first thing in the morning before everybody gets there because it will be picked over if I went later in the day. What do you mean about he book being broken apart on thriftbooks??

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      1. Yes they are used. They are in different conditions at different price points. The better the condition the higher the price. I received two books that said they were in good condition but the covers were bent. I got in touch with thriftbooks and they immediately fixed the problem. Itโ€™s a gamble on what you will get I guess but the customer service is really good.

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    1. Yeah when I posted about reading One True Loves by the same author as Seven Husbands everyone told me I should read it. Thank you Iโ€™m going to be reading the entire Illuminae Files trilogy this month.

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