Heir of Ashes by Jina S. Bazzar

Heir of Ashes

Title: Heir of Ashes

Series: Roxanne Fosch #1

Author: Jina S. Bazzar

Format: ebook

Source: provided by author

Rating: 4 stars


Roxanne Fosch had a perfectly normal life at the age of twelve. Cool, popular, pretty, smart. Her dreams of a perfect, successful and prosperous future seemed well within her grasp.
By the time she was twenty-two she had become a commodity. A fugitive. She was being hunted.
As Roxanne embarks on the dangerous quest to search for half-truths about her past, she discovers she’s not just an abnormal human, but a rarity even among her Fee peers.
She is hunted by scientists, keen to exploit her extraordinary abilities, as well as other beings far more dangerous whose plans for her she cannot fathom

My Thoughts

Where do I even begin with this review? First off I want to say thank you to the author for providing me with an ecopy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

I love how from the very beginning you jump right into the action. This book is action packed. The main character barely has time to catch her breath before something else inevitably happens. While I did enjoy all the action because it sucked me in and made me want to keep reading to find out what happened next I feel like they managed to get out of each situation so easily. It was like as soon as the “attack” happened there was always an easy way out. I would have liked for things not to have been so easily resolved.

The main character Roxanne or Eliza as she is now called is a badass female character. She’s not completely human but she, just like the reader, doesn’t know exactly what she is or what she is capable of. Like I said she is constantly on the run but never once does she give up no matter how bad things are. Sure she has some abilities that help her but she goes through a lot in this book and yet she keeps fighting. Logan who shows up to help Roxanne in exchange for her help is the main male character. From the moment he entered into the story I loved him but I have some issues with him. He is very secretive and untrusting throughout the entire book. I feel like at some point they would have started trusting each other more but I didn’t get that. Up until the very end of the book where some things were revealed I was mostly happy with his character but after the ending I was mad.

I have been mentioning this a lot lately on my blog but I don’t like cliffhangers where I am left with so many questions for that book and unfortunately that’s the case here. I don’t like how things are left open and unresolved between certain characters but I am excited to continue on with this series.

If you like action packed books with paranormal aspects as well as a touch of romance I would definitely recommend you read this book.



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