It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

What I Recently Finished ReadingIt Had to Be You

This week I only managed to finish one book. It’s kind of disappointing after managing to finish 5 books last week but its ok hopefully this next week will be better. I did find this book to be predictable but it was also really cute and funny. Full review to come if I ever manage to catch up on reviews.

What I'm Currently Reading

When the Serpent BitesThe Inevitable Collision of Birdie & Bash

So I haven’t made much progress on either one of these. I am 25% of the way through When The Serpent Bites and 11% of the way through The Inevitable Collision of Birdie and Bash. Ever sense I started When The Serpent Bites it kind of put me off reading a little bit. Not because it’s bad although I’m not so sure it’s good yet either. It’s how long it is. This book has over 100 chapters and they aren’t all that short. As for the other book I don’t have an opinion on that one yet. I think I might try starting something else because I am not feeling either one of these right now.

What I Plan To Read NextThe Afterlife of Walter AugustusCinders of CastlereaFollow YouThe Lost WifeEach Little LieFinding KylerBeautifully BrokenGuiltyIf You Could See Me Nowheart bornbaby doll

These are all the books I have left on my TBR and I’m not really sure which one I’m going to pick to read next but I’m thinking of going with Follow You and then maybe If You Could See Me Now.

Credit as always to The Book Date. Have you read any of the books I mentioned? What have you been reading lately?


5 thoughts on “It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

  1. I haven’t read or heard about any of them actually! I’m currently reading three books; The White Witch by JJ. Morrison, Contemporary Left Antisemitism by David Hirsh and A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks 😀

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    1. When the Serpent Bites I hadn’t heard of until the authors representative reached out to me and I came across The Inevitable Collision of Birdie and Bash on NetGalley last year. The only book I’ve heard of that you are reading is A Bend in the Road. How are you enjoying it??

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