Mid Year 2018 Goals Update

Hello bookworms!!

This year I decided to set a few goals for myself in all aspects of my life and seeing as how we are halfway through the year I thought it would be a good idea to look and see how I am doing so far. Honestly I don’t remember everything I wrote but I do know I am totally failing at some of my goals. Lets jump in and see how I am doing with all of the goals I set myself.


  • Wake up early: I think I am doing pretty good with this goal. I still sometimes fall back asleep after my husband gets up but I usually wake up before 10 and that’s early for me. Sometimes I sleep really late but that’s only happened a handful of times.
  • More water/less Dr. Pepper: I think this is pretty much still the same. I do drink more water than I usually do but I am still so addicted to Dr. Pepper that I haven’t cut back on that at all.
  • Skincare: I wanted to get a facial sometime this year. As of right now I still haven’t gotten one but the years not over so technically it’s not yet a fail.


  • Save money: This is a total fail and that’s not going to change. I had hoped to be able to put back $100 from every paycheck but life happens. My husband started a new job today so maybe once we catch up on bills we will be able to start putting money back.


  • Read 100 books: I am a little bit behind on this goal right now but I am slowly starting to catch up. I’ve read 42/100 books so far this year.
  • Classics: I failed this last year and it looks like I am going to fail it again this year.
  • Read 24,000 pages: I’m not sure how many pages I’ve read so far this month because I usually don’t add them up until I post my monthly wrap up but as of my May wrap up I have read 11,749/24,000 pages. I think I am actually doing really good with this goal.
  • Reread: I wanted to reread at least 5 of my favorite books from previous years and so far I have read 1. I guess I am still on track considering we still have 5 months left.


  • More followers: When I set the goal of having 800 followers by the end of the year I already had 439 followers. I now have 642. I think I can still manage this goal but we will see.
  • Giveaway: Last year for my birthday I hosted my very first giveaway but unfortunately no one entered. I wanted to host another giveaway this year but so far that hasn’t happened. Hopefully now that my husband has a new job we want be tight on money and I will be able to do another birthday giveaway.

How are your goals coming along? I think for me I am about half and half. Some of these will still be fails at the end of the year but hopefully I will have some successes as well.

21 thoughts on “Mid Year 2018 Goals Update

  1. I’ve also had my New Year’s Resolutions on my mind recently and I think I ought to do a mid-year update as well. How is 2018 already halfway over?!

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  2. I’m so sorry noone entered your last giveaway! I’m sure it will be better this time around! 642 is a lot of followers! If money is too tight to do a money giveaway you could always give away books you already own. Then you only have to pay for shipping. Just don’t make it open international. In the US you can ship books Media Mail which is super cheap.

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  3. Hi Misty!! guess what? we still have half year to finish our goals wohoo!!! hahaha, my goals are ugh, not that good, but it is okay as long as I keep moving forward, slow but steady 😛 I really hope you get 800 this year \o/ just keep swimming, just keep swimming… 😀

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    1. Yeah I have plenty of time to get back on track with some of my goals!! 😊 I know some of them are going to be fails even at the end of the year but like you said just keep moving forward. Thank you so much 🤞 if I don’t that’s ok I just thought it was a good number to strive for.

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  4. I love that you’ve set these goals! I often just flaot along hoping things will happen haha. Congratulations on reaching some of them already and I’m sure you’ll tick a lot more off before December is over 🙂

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