Apps I Use For All Things Bookish

Hello bookworms!!

Recently I was trying to figure out some blog posts I could do when I remembered reading someone’s post on what apps they use that are book related. I can’t remember whose post it was because I saw it sometime last year and I didn’t even think to write it down or anything so sorry about that. If you search book apps on wordpress it will pull up several posts on this subject.

Anyways I remembered that post and I thought it would be fun to show y’all the apps I use that are book related while also getting in a little self promo. Shameless I know. If you aren’t already following me on some of these platforms I would love for you to follow me. I will follow back. Ok so lets get into what apps I use shall we.


I am going to start with one of the most obvious ones and that is Goodreads. I’ve been a member of Goodreads since 2013 although I wasn’t as active back then as I am now. I’ve probably gotten more active in the last 3 years I would say. I love using Goodreads to keep up with all the books I have read or want to read and I love that you can make different shelves to keep up with everything as well.


Next up I have the Kindle app. I have always just used Kindle. I know there’s other ways to get ebooks but I have never tried them. I had a hard enough time learning everything about the kindle and honestly I’m probably still learning.


While Twitter isn’t a book app I use it mainly for book things. I follow a lot of book bloggers and authors I share what books I am reading plus my goodreads is linked to it as well. I do share other stuff from time to time but it’s mostly all bookish.


I am not the greatest when it comes to Instagram. My pictures aren’t that great which makes me not want to use it but I have recently started getting back into it so we will see how that goes.


This is my least used app out of all of them. I hardly ever get on Facebook anymore but every time I post on my blog it is linked to my facebook page so my posts are always shared on there at least.


This app is Book Breeze and I only ever use it when I need to keep up with how long I have read. So far I’ve only used it while participating in the 24in48 readathon.

img_4119Last but not least is Scribd. This is a subscription service where you can listen to audiobooks and read ebooks etc. I tried the free trial for audible and ultimately decided against keeping that one because not only do you have to pay the what was it like $15 or something but you also have to pay for the books you want to read but you do get a free credit every month. My friend Noriko informed me of Scribd so I tried the free trial and decided to keep it. It’s $9 a month but you get unlimited amount of audiobooks without having to pay anymore. Like I said there’s other things available through this subscription but I only use it for listening to audiobooks.

I also have the audible app but like I mentioned I decided not to keep that so as soon as I finish listening to IT I will be deleting it. Also another app I have but didn’t really mention for obvious reasons is WordPress. You are obviously reading this on WordPress so I didn’t think I needed to talk much about it or leave links.

So there you have it all of the apps I use for all my bookish needs. Are there any apps that I didn’t mention that you think I should definitely try? I would love any suggestions. Also don’t forget to follow me on any of those platforms if you aren’t already and I will follow you back.



52 thoughts on “Apps I Use For All Things Bookish

  1. I use most of the same apps that you use. Scribd is a fairly recent addition for me. I saw a friends post on twitter about it and joined up. I wish I had known about it sooner, it had almost every single book I have on my shelves and ones that I have been wanting to read for a long time. I definitely sing its praises, even past the audiobook section.

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    1. Scribd is fairly new to me as well. I think I’ve had it for 3 months now. I wish I had know about it before. I was wanting to listen to more audiobooks and audible is just way to expensive so when my friend introduced me to it I immediately tried it and loved it and haven’t looked back since. I got it for the purpose of audiobooks only but I might end up trying some of the other things they have available too. I will be singing it’s praises as well.

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  2. I only have goodreads but after this post I’m gonna download Scribd and see what it’s about! I’ve always wanted Audible but I can’t afford it, but Scribd sounds better. 🙂 Thanks for an amazing post!

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    1. I can’t remember if we are already following each other or not. I’m going to have to check and see if we are. Yeah audible is way to expensive especially since you still have to pay for the audiobook as well. I would much rather just buy the physical copy for that. I hope you end up liking Scribd it’s a new favorite of mine.

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      1. Libby is brand new. It came out sometime within the last year. You should definitely look into Libby, they may have that over Overdrive now. My library even has it and they are a small town library. 🙂

        But at least you have a library card! I didn’t have my own until October last year cause my old library charged $50 per year for a library card.

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      2. I live in a small town as well I think that’s why my Library doesn’t have overdrive. I will definitely look into Libby.

        OMG I have never heard of a Library charging you. If my Library charged I wouldn’t be able to use it.

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      3. RIGHT! It was silly. But I live right in my small town just a few streets away so it’s nice having a library card of my own. I always used my mom’s library card for ebooks before since she didn’t use that but now I use both still.

        I have more chances of getting the book I want that way. 😉 PLUS I can go look at the actual book in person too.

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      4. YAY for finding it on Libby! I thought it might be there if mine was. I read using my Kindle cause I can’t get into reading on my phone or tablet. I use the computer all the time at work, that’s probably why.

        Overdrive has told me you can get Kindle books sent to your Kindle via Libby too, I just haven’t tried using their directions yet. I just started with Overdrive, that’s why I still have it.

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      5. I usually read my ebooks through the kindle app on my phone so that’s not an issue for me. I chose the option for reading through Libby so we will see how that works and if it doesn’t then I am sure I can change it somehow.

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  3. I keep seeing scribd but never really Investigated. Thanks for the info. Will look more into it. I already have Kindle Unlimited and really don’t think I’d get a reasonable return out of Audible in addition. .. although there are some good audiobooks I want on it!! Lol

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  4. I keep seeing scribd but never really Investigated. Thanks for the info. Will look more into it. I already have Kindle Unlimited and really don’t think I’d get a reasonable return out of Audible in addition. .. although there are some good audiobooks I want on it!! Lol

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  5. I might try out Scribd! I like using audiobooks but I just don’t understand why audible has a subscription fee AND separate prices? So I’ve just not bothered. It’s more tempting with Scribd though!

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    1. Yeah that’s why I couldn’t justify paying for audible. If I’m going to pay that much for the subscription every month and then also have to pay for the book I might as well get the actual book. I love that Scribd is a one time fee and you get unlimited listens a month with no extra charges. If you do decide to get it I hope you like it.


  6. I haven’t had the chance to use Scribd for books and audiobooks. I sometimes use to for research though, because of the many available sample documents and work materials. Thinking of getting a subscription! $9 seems practical enough 🙂

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