It’s Monday What Are You Reading

What I Recently Finished Reading

heart bornimg_4161

This week I managed to finish 2 books. Two to three books is usually my average so even though I didn’t read as much as I did last week I am still happy with it. The first book I finished was Heartborn by Terry Maggert. This book was sent to me last year and I somehow let it get lost in all of the other books I wanted/needed to read and hear I am a year later finally reading it. Unfortunately I didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped I would. For my full review click here. The next book I read was sent to me by R&R Book Tours and it was Screams You Hear by James Morris. This book was a total surprise for me. I ended up enjoying it way more than I thought I would. Check out my full review here.

What I'm Currently Reading

IT stephen

Yep you guessed it I am still working my way through this dang book. I have read 818/1,156 pages. I have 8 chapters left so if I can keep listening to one chapter a day I can have it finished by the end of the month. Fingers crossed that I will be able to say I finally finished this book in my monthly wrap up.

What I Plan To Read Next

The Elite

I have a lot that I am planning on reading this week but to start off with I will be buddy reading The Elite by Kiera Cass with Kelly from Another Book in the Wall. The plan is to read 6 chapters of this a day so we should have it finished in at least 5 days. Aside from this book I plan on reading the rest of my 7in7 Read-a-thon TBR.

Credit as always to The Book Date. Have you read any of the books I mentioned? What have you been reading lately? What are your reading plans for the week?


4 thoughts on “It’s Monday What Are You Reading

  1. All of my reading plans have gone to pot after my weekend was a lot busier than expected. Currently enjoying a closed and common orbit by Becky Chambers, and struggling to get through David Oliver’s Great Heart.

    I still haven’t read a King novel yet but it’s something I want to get into before long, well done for keeping up with It though! It’s a chunker for sure

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    1. That first book sounds familiar but I haven’t heard of he second one.

      Yeah it is a huge book and while I was intimidated by the length of it at first I am so far into it now that I am over the length of it. I’m struggling with the story. King is so… extra with his story telling I could have done without half of the story. This will only be my second book by him and honestly I don’t get the hype with him at this point.


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