Shortest Books On My TBR

Hello bookworms!!

Back in April I posted about The Longest Books on My TBR which inspired Kathy from Books and Munches to talk about the shortest books on her TBR which then made me want to see what the shortest books on my TBR are so that’s what I’m going to be talking about today. I am only going to be looking through the books that I own either on my kindle or a physical copy which all together is about 200 books. I know I know I really need to read my owned books. I am going by the page count that Goodreads has listed. Anyways lets see what the shortest books on my TBR are.


  1. The First Adventure by Anthea Sharp (56 pages)
  2. Hearts a Mess by Kylie Scott (61 pages)
  3. Origin of the Sphinx by Raye Wagner (68 pages)
  4. Broken by Ashton Blackthorne  (75 pages)
  5. Echoes by E.F. Rose (76 pages)
  6. Wrecked by Priscilla West (86 pages)
  7. Date Me by Logan Chance (93 pages)
  8. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (104 pages)
  9. Forever Changed by Mona Ingram (110 pages)
  10. Soldier by Liliana Rhodes (116 pages

My longest books post had a lot of classics on it but only 1 classic showed up on this list. Honestly none of these really surprised me although for some reason I thought A Christmas Carol was longer than it is. Some of these books I don’t even remember getting. I probably got most them when I was getting a lot of free ebooks last year.

I am typing this post up early so by the time you see this I will have read some of them. What are the shortest books on your TBR?


6 thoughts on “Shortest Books On My TBR

      1. Haha, I don’t even want to know how nuts I’d go with free Kindle books. Which is why I avoid it at all costs. 🙂 4 out of 10 is definitely good! Once you’ve read all of them, you can do a new post like this one to motivate yourself again. 😛

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