Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss #Children’sReadathon

Hello bookworms!!

I have a review for you today but I wanted to explain some things before I jump into the review. This month Jay from This Is My Truth Now is hosting a Children’s Books Read-a-thon. Click the link above for more about the read-a-thon. Each week throughout the month there are set books we are supposed to read and you can read as many or as little as you want. For the first week there were 3 books we could read and those books were:

The books chosen for this week were Oh, The Place You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss, Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak, and Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. All of these were extremely short so I chose to borrow them from the Library and read all of them. I’m not going to be reviewing all of them though. I have decided to only review my favorite one out of the 3 so lets get into that review shall we.


Oh the Places You'll Go

Title: Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Author: Dr. Seuss

Pages: 44 pages

Format: Hardback

Source: Library

My Rating: 5 stars


In this joyous ode to life, Dr. Seuss addresses graduates of all ages, from nursery school to medical school, and gives them the get-up-and-go to move mountains with the unrivaled exuberance and charm that have made Dr. Seuss’s books favorites for years.

My Thoughts

I’m sure I probably read this when I was a kid or had it read to me but as y’all know my memory is crap so it’s like I read it for the first time as a 29 year old. Even though I am an adult I really enjoyed this. The illustrations are eye catching and very colorful and the rhyming is very catchy which I loved. Also I loved the message about how life has ups and downs and you are going to have good times as well as bad times but you will get through it. I think its a great thing for kids to learn early on.

Overall I think this was a cute book with an amazing message about life and you should definitely read it no matter how old you are.


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