Heart’s A Mess by Kylie Scott

Heart's a Mess

Title: Heart’s a Mess

Author: Kylie Scott

Format: ebook

Source: I think I got it for free on Amazon

My Rating: 4 stars


Former wild child, Violet, has vowed to get her life in order. To find a good job and settle down. To open a savings account and stop falling for the wrong men. But whatever happens, to most definitely not accidentally sleep with her hot newly single boss.

My Thoughts

This was my first Kylie Scott book and I can honestly say after reading Heart’s a Mess I want to read more of her books.

This is a short quick read and while I would have liked more it definitely packed a punch in the short amount of pages. It’s very hot plus there’s also some humor as well as a little seriousness mixed in but mostly just hot.

I really enjoyed this but I wish we were going to get more. I would love more of Violet and Alex’s story but I would also like to know his brothers more. They provided the comic relief in this book.


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