Book Hauls

August 2018 Book Haul

Book Haul

Hello bookworms!!

It’s time to let y’all know what books I got this month. I ended up getting 17 books this month which is the most books I’ve gotten in a month all year. A few of them I won, some were free, and some I bought. Lets get into what I got this month.

Free ebooks

I keep finding all of these classics for free on Amazon Kindle and of course I keep getting them even though I don’t think I’ve even read any of the other ones I’ve gotten so far. Don’t worry I do plan on giving them a try eventually. I think I’ve mentioned on here before that I get emails everyday from BookBub telling me about several book deals that are going on. I usually only go for the ones that are free and this month What Happened At The Lake was one of the books listed. At this point I don’t even remember what it’s about but I got it so the synopsis must have sounded good.


So last month I got the first two books as part of a blog tour and this month I was surprised to get an email from the author providing me with the last two books as well. I can’t wait to continue on with this and I will hopefully be reading them this month.

Giveaway Wins

I can’t believe I was lucky enough to win 3 giveaways in one month. I am so grateful to everyone. First up The Cruel Prince. Back in July I Joined BookishBash which is a bookish community that does a little bit of everything from instagram photo challenges to read-a-longs and read-a-thons. If you participate you can be entered into giveaways. I was entered into the giveaway for July and I was the lucky one to win. Next up I won Lucky In Love from Jasmine from How Useful It Is. She reached 1000 followers on her blog and decided to do a giveaway and again I was lucky enough to be chosen. The last book I won was Entrapped. A couple weeks back people were doing blog tour posts for this book and I entered in the giveaway that was included in someone’s post and the author tagged me on twitter telling me I was the 2nd winner. If you didn’t know Clair is a fellow blogger over at BrizzleLass Books.

Book Purchases


If you have read my Tennessee Trip Post then you have already heard about these books. The first four books are from Barnes and Noble. This was my first time ever going to a Barnes and Noble store and I went a little crazy. I had every intention of buying these books for myself but my mom surprised me and paid for them for me. She said she doesn’t get to see me very often so she wanted to do this for me. Plus she blocked me from the register so I couldn’t stop her.

The last four books I got from Books A Million which again was my first time ever going to this store as well. There were so many books I wanted but didn’t get but I did end up with these 4 and yes I actually bought these myself.

There we have it. All 17 books that I got in August. Have you read any of the books I mentioned? Did we haul any of the same books? What books did you haul this month?






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