Hello bookworms!!

In September I have been participating in Kathy from Books and Munches reading challenge Sequel September which honestly I haven’t been doing all that great with so when I saw that she was doing the challenge OWNtober again this year I wanted to participate.


  1. Post a blog post/ tweet/ whatever saying you’ll be joining me in my battle against the ever-growing physical TBR-piles and ping back to this post.
  2. Share your list of al the books you own and then decide which one you’re going to read first. If you can’t figure out a sequence for yourself, you can always start a poll and let others help you out.
  3. If you’re sharing your updates on social media, use #OWNtober so we can follow up on each other.

As of right now I haven’t really decided what I want to read yet but I have a lot to chose from. I will leave a link to my owned TBR shelf on Goodreads so you can see what I have to chose from and feel free to leave me a comment letting me know what books you think I should finally read.



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