Nice Try, Afton by Brent Jones

Nice Try, Afton

Title: Nice Try, Afton

Author: Brent Jones

Series: Afton Morrison #3

Format: ebook

Source: Author sent it to me for review

My Rating: 4 stars


Is evil a matter of choice, or are we born that way?

After a string of brazen arsons overwhelms Wakefield’s first responders, the town is placed on lockdown, rendering Afton and her companions vulnerable to attack.

In a last-ditch effort to protect her inner circle, Afton attempts to establish an improbable truce with her archnemesis, leading her into a deadly trap more than a decade in the making. Survival will mean choosing to embrace her dark side, once and for all.

Nice Try, Afton is the third of four parts in a new serial thriller by author Brent Jones. Packed with grit and action, The Afton Morrison Series delves into a world of moral ambiguity, delivering audiences an unlikely heroine in the form of a disturbed vigilante murderess.

My Thoughts

First off I just want to say thank you so much to the author for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Nice Try, Afton is the third installment in the Afton Morrison series and I have read every single one. I will say if you’re not a big fan of cliffhangers like me then you probably want to wait until every book is out so you can read them back to back because each one has ended on a cliffhanger. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to read them close together so it hasn’t bothered me as much at it usually does.

This book is fast paced and action packed just like the rest of the books and it’s full of surprises. It makes for a quick read and one you won’t want to put down.

For some reason Afton was really annoying to me in this book. I think it was because she kept going back and forth between being “good” and being “bad” and she would never make up her mind. I read this book on vacation and stupid me didn’t take notes so I can’t remember exactly what was bothering me I just remember I found her to be annoying at first.

I highly recommend y’all pick up this series if you haven’t already just be mindful of the pesky cliffhangers. There’s only one more book left in the series and I am excited to find out how things end.


4 thoughts on “Nice Try, Afton by Brent Jones

  1. Hi Misty,

    Thanks for reading, and thanks for the four-star review!

    The Afton Morrison Series, although released as a four-part serial, is really intended to be read as one cohesive four-part novel. It’s a single story told in four parts, in other words.

    For those who aren’t fans of cliffhangers, the entire series will be released as one complete bundle (collection) on October 29 in eBook, paperback, and audiobook formats.

    Thanks again!


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