It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

What I Recently Finished Reading

The Great GatsbyThe Vampire Hunter's Daughter part 1The Vampire Hunter's Daughter part 2The Vampire Hunter's Daughter part 3The Vampire Hunter's Daughter part 4The Vampire Hunter's Daughter part 5The Vampire Hunter's Daughter part 6The First Adventure

This week I finished 8 books and all but 1 was read in 24 hours. See yesterdays post to learn about that. So reading was good this week quantity wise. All of these books were just ok reads for me. I don’t plan on doing reviews for these on my blog because I just don’t really have much to say about them. Eventually I am sure I will get around to leaving some sort of review for them on Goodreads.

What I'm Currently Reading

The Pirates Booty

Honestly since finishing that 24 hour readathon Saturday morning I haven’t read anything else. If I decide to read a little something tonight before bed I will continue on with my read of this because I really need to get it read and reviewed for the author.

What I Plan To Read NextThe Cruel Prince

Emma In The Nightescaping from houdini

I have a lot planned for October which y’all will be seeing in a couple of days. Once October starts I will be starting with one of these although I’m not sure which one I want to start with because I’m excited to read all of them. Who am I kidding I will most likely start with Escaping from Houdini by Kerri Maniscalco since I didn’t get to it in September.

Credit as always to The Book Date. Have you read any of the books I mentioned? What have you been reading lately? What are your reading plans for the week? Have any fun reading plans for October?


13 thoughts on “It’s Monday What Are You Reading?

  1. The Great Gatsby has been on my TBR forever ah. Hope you enjoy you current and future reads! I definitely didn’t love the Cruel Prince anywhere near as much as most people did but it was a good read. I’m super excited to start Escaping From Houdini!

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    1. Thank you I have high hopes for several of the books I chose to read this month so I hope I end up enjoying them. The Cruel Prince is definitely something I wouldn’t normally read but I won it in a giveaway and it sounds interesting so I want to give it a try.


  2. I’d like to read the great gatsby, but i never come around. I dnfed cruel prince – but i think it was the hype and high expectations.
    I just finished magic triumphs, the last book in the kate daniels but i’m not sure what i’ll pick next.

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      1. That’s good. I’m halfway through Escaping from Houdini and I’m loving it but at the same time I’m hating some of the stuff that’s happening. It’s not bad it’s just not what I want to happen lol.

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