Book Hauls

September 2018 Book Haul

Book Haul

It’s time to share with y’all what books I have acquired this month. All of the books I got this month I bought except 1 that I found on Amazon for free. Lets get straight to it shall we.

Free ebook


Last year I was reading a lot of Jillian Quinn books because I was on her ARC list. At the end of the year I decided not to participate in any ARC teams this year because I wanted to focus on the books that I own and my NetGalley lists. I loved her books so when I saw this one was being offered for free on Amazon Kindle I jumped on the chance to get it. I can’t wait to read another one of her books and I’m excited to see what she has come up with now.

Book Purchases

I preordered Escaping from Houdini from Amazon last month and it came in the day that it was released which was the 18th. While I was on my trip I picked up I Have Lost My Way from Walmart because I have started getting at least one book from each place I visit. Last up I went to Goodwill and found The Martian, The Green Mile, and 1984 all of which were less than $2 a piece.

Just 6 books this month which while sad is actually a good thing because my little shelf is full. You will most likely be seeing me haul several Stephen King books for a while because I am hoping to participate in several King readalongs every month for a while. Did we haul any of the same books? Have you read any of the books I mentioned? Feel free to leave links to your book haul so I can check them out.


14 thoughts on “September 2018 Book Haul

      1. I don’t know whether seeing the movie or reading the book is better in this case – probably reading the book, as usual – but at least the movie’s very different compared to the books of his I already read. No horror and real tear-jerker, since I saw it.. multiple times and cried every time, hah. Definitely recommend watching it eventually.

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