Monthly Wrap Up

Monthly Non Bookish Wrap Up (October2018)

Hello bookworms!!

Last month I did a Twitter poll asking if I should separate my bookish and non bookish wrap up and the majority said yes. I’m still not really sure what I should call this post so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I don’t really like calling it a wrap up and it’s not really a favorites post. It’s just going to be what I have been watching and listening to and sometimes there might be some stuff that I’ve loved in the month that wasn’t books so again any suggestions would be great.

What I Watched

This month I didn’t really watch a whole lot and what I did end up watching was all rewatches for me. I love the Scream movies and I grew up watching Mary-Kate and Ashley movies and sometimes I get the urge to watch them again. As for Bones it is one of my favorite TV shows ever and I have rewatched it several times and every time I get sucked back in. I am already halfway through season 2 and we are only 2 days into November.


Some of these songs I have heard before but for whatever reason I really got into them this month. Some are new to me this month and I have been obsessing over them ever since I first heard them.

That’s all for this post today again if you have any suggestions as to what I should call this post I would greatly appreciate it. What have you been watching/listening to this month?


6 thoughts on “Monthly Non Bookish Wrap Up (October2018)

  1. I am in love with the Panic! at the Disco song. I heard it and was immediately like YES! I have listened to it off and on since. Also any of the “Scream” movies are fabulous, but I love some of the lines in Scream 4 in particular. Great choice. 🙂

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