Reading Update

Hello bookworms!!

It has been a while since my last post. Almost 2 weeks to be exact. I ended up taking an unexpected break from pretty much everything recently. I was in a reading slump so I turned to Netflix where I started watching episodes of Bones for like the 3rd time and I of course got sucked into that and could only think of that so I ended up watching every season of Bones all month. I did skip some episodes completely and I sped through some but I watched more than I skipped. Now that I have watched all of the episodes I am slowly working my way back to my normal routine. I have started reading again and I have caught up on everything I fell behind on. Anyways this post is to talk about what I have been reading. All of the books I will be talking about today I actually started before I ended up in my slump.

Wicked Weaves

I started this book at the beginning of the month. I was meant to be reading the first 4 books in the series this month as part of a readathon and I haven’t even made it through the first book. I have used all of my library renews on this so if I don’t finish it by the end of the month I have to return it. Before my unexpected break I got about halfway through it. I haven’t picked it back up yet but I am hoping to finish it soon.


This was part of a month long buddy read I made it 20% of the way through it before my slump hit. Honestly I am not sure I am going to be continuing with this one because I was not liking it when I was reading it. I plan to read a few more chapters and then decide if I want to continue with it or not. So far I haven’t picked this one back up either.

Doctor Sleep

I am reading this as part of the Stephen King readalong that I participate in on Instagram. I was meant to have the first 10 chapters read for the discussion we had on the 11 but I had only managed the first 20 pages. I actually picked this one back up yesterday and read through the first chapter which was 86 pages long.

Since my slump that is all the reading I have done but I am slowly getting back to it. Hopefully I will have a better update on Monday when I get back to my normal posting schedule. Sorry for the unexpected break I guess I just needed one and didn’t know it. Also thank you for sticking around while I was gone.


17 thoughts on “Reading Update

  1. Slumps are horrible. I’m not actually in a slump right now but I find there are things I’d rather be doing other than reading…. GASP. For instance, right now I’m addicted to doing online jigsaw puzzles on the app “Magic Puzzles”. Also, I’m in a baking mood lately.

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    1. Yes they are. My slump started because I was in the mood to watch Bones and then that was all I wanted to do for a while and then after I finished with Bones I still was in the mood to read so I’ve been slowly working my way back.

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