December TBR


Hello bookworms!!

For my December TBR I have decided to focus on Christmassy books because I’ve been in a festive mood lately. I’m not participating in a whole lot of challenges or anything this month but I still have a pretty hefty TBR so lets look at what I plan to read.


I’ve decided to participate in the Short-A-Thon that is being hosted by Kathy and Destiny. I wasn’t sure if I was going to participate but I have several short kindle books that I have had on my TBR for a while and I decided this would be a great way to get some of them read. For all the info on this readathon click either of the 2 links above. I went on Goodreads and figured out the 10 shortest books on my TBR so these will be what I choose from. I probably want be able to read all 10 but who knows I might surprise myself. All of these books range from 68 pages to 140 pages.



The only read-a-long I am participating in this month is the monthly Stephen King read-a-long that I have started participating in over on Instagram. Janel from Keeper of Pages is the mastermind behind this if you are interested in joining. This months pick is Joyland. I failed miserably with last months read so hopefully I can actually finish this one.

Other Books I hope to read

ARCs/Review Copies

I am so close to catching up on my review copies. I only have 2 left that have been sent to me by the authors and honestly I will most likely only read one of these. This list doesn’t even include what I have on NetGalley that I still need to read.

That’s all the books I am going to be reading from this month. I have a few more Christmas books that I might add in as well it just depends on how much time I have. As always I will also be participating in the 24 hour Day-A-Thon that Lili and Noriko host at the end of every month. Have you read any of the books on my TBR? What are your reading plans for December?


12 thoughts on “December TBR

  1. I’ve read The Polar Express, The Nutcracker, and A Christmas Carol, I plan on reading them closer to the end of the month if I’m done with reading all my Harry Potter/Wizarding World books.

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